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311 video shot at SAM's?

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I was just channel surfing when I saw a video on the Mtv featuring tikis. The video was for the new Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore movie that takes place in Hawaii by the band Twistaz/ 311. Anyway, there are clips of the band playing in the bar at Sam's in Sunset Beach, CA. You can distintively see the painted tikis, the booths, and the actual bar. I think they also mixed in some clips from a hollywood set too because they were things there that I didn't recognize from Sam's.

This is how I'm guessing they ended up using the place for the video; Cameron Diaz lives in Sunset Beach, she's good friends with Drew, maybe they've been hanging out at Sam's before? They let the video guy in on our secret paradise. Maybe.

If you can suffer through the Timberlake and Puddle of Mud bullsh*t, look for that video. The music is kinda whatever, but the video is cool.

This isn't the first time Sam's has been used in a video either. I was told that Sublime used the place a while ago for their "Date rape" music video.


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Hi Luckydesigns,
Are you sure the video wasn't the band 311 playing the song "Love Song (I will Always Love You)", by the Cure?
It was fun watching and reminiscing about leaving my liver there at Sam's, a couple of times in the past. Is that an original bartender or an actor? I haven't been there in a while.
They did a shitty version of the song. The Cure rocked.
Here is a link for you fellow TC’ers to watch the video. Enjoy.


A Tiki Cheers To You

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The name on the video was Twistaz but you could very well be right about them being 311. It did sound like a Cure song too. I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to the music.
I changed the topic name to 311.


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The 311 "Love Song" video at Sam's can be seen on the movie's soundtrack page.


Just click to the Audio/Video page.

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