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Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge, Minneapolis, MN (restaurant)

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Name:Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge
Street:1900 Marshall Avenue NE
Phone:(612) 788-9069

Psycho Suzi's is a tiki bar and restaurant located in Northeast Minneapolis. The building is a converted A&W drive-in restaurant, and the main seating area was formerly drive-in bays. Psycho Suzi's was opened in late 2003 by Leslie Bock, the owner of a punk/rave/goth fashion boutique in Minneapolis. There is a full menu of pizza, sandwiches and salads, with vegetarian and vegan options for almost all the selections. There is a separate cocktail menu with both tiki bar-type and non-tiki cocktails, and a wide selection of both cheap and good beer. The non-smoking section is tiny. There is also a diner-style counter in the front of the restaurant which is all-ages. The decor is a mixture of tiki, nautical and other elements, intentionally somewhat ironically grotty. Psycho Suzi's will most likely add outdoor seating in the summer, which will triple the capacity.

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Update on Psycho Suzi's. I have been a regular here, several times weekly, since its opening late last year. Yes, it was an A&W and a homemade soda stand, but no...the seating area is not the former parking drive-in bays...those are still the parking lot. The waitresses are hot, the service is good, the appetizers are amazing. The Tiki drink originals are good and for $4.00 you can keep the mugs (sorry...the Tiki standards are not listed on the menu). I personally refer to the place as "Tikabilly" because while it reeks of Tiki it hints at Rockabilly as well. The jukebox has some Don Tiki & Martin Denny, but is mostly load with cool stuff from Rancid, Horton Heat, Detroit Cobras, Sex Pistols and lotsa hard rockin' classics. The huge outdoor patio is indeed complete and open for summer. While it does not have the outdoor bar that the owner had intended (due to the city of Minneapolis being a bunch of fuckheads)you can still sit out on a beautiful wood decked patio under torches and tiki umbrellas and enjoy drinks that the wait staff now has to carry out from the inner bar. The interior is cozy and quaint...complete with carpeting that looks like an old wood plank floor and Leslie's personal mug collection adorning the thatch and paneled walls. What else can I say? I'm a regular, I'm hooked...I'm the Norm of Northeast Minneapolis. It isn't the most Tiki that Tiki has ever been...but it's the best these parts have had in a long, long, long time!

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I've been a regular as well, but not as regular, making it there maybe once every 2 weeks. The outside patio is great! Really takes a load off the seating. I'm not as keen on the jukebox since I hate (I mean REALLY hate) hard rock and can barely tolerate punk. I must also say I've gotten some lousy service there in the past, but those waitresses seem to have disappeared. And although I am known to gripe about the drinks being too sweet, they are flavored quite nicely, and it's easy enough to sneak in a little extra lime--but the real treat is going back for the "Special" drink that changes out every couple of weeks. Those are usually great! And keeping the mug for $4, you can't beat that.

Plus, the tomato soup is outstanding! Overall, I highly recommend going. My personal survival tips--bring a little bottle of extra lime juice and lots of change to load up on the Martin Denny. When I do those things, the place truly lives up to the promise on the door--"Welcome to Paradise"

I have been to Psycho Suzie's twice now and both times had a blast. First exposure was for a friend's b-day party during a colder month and our well-inked waitress was a hoot. Patio was in it's planning stage then. Went this week with a guest from out of town and sat out on the patio, which is huge. I felt like I was on vacation, and I was only 10 minutes from my house. Worth a visit.

Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge is a great bar and if I lived in the neighborhood it would be my local. The pizza was fantastic, they have Summit Extra Pale Ale on tap and the Tiki drinks are fun ... and potent. I plan on bussing up to Nordeast at least once a month or so.

There's a good article about Psycho Suzi's in today's Star Tribune (www.startribune.com).

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anybody got any pics of this place???

On 2004-08-29 23:52, hala bullhiki wrote:
anybody got any pics of this place???

Here's some from their website:



My wife works at Suzies and makes enough to get us to the Tiki Oasis, so I'm happy. Besides Chicago, this is as good as it gets in between the two coasts.

Psycho Suzi's is a decent place. It seems to be improving since I first checked it out. It's nice to have a tiki place since the old Bali Hai closed down a few years back. Now that was a great place. The entertainment was amazing. The volcano bowls were great but the other drinks were a little too sweet. Anyone else remember the Bali Hai?

My friends and I are regular's at Psycho's and LOVE it because of the wide variety of people and styles there. Everyone is always welcomed and everyone has a great time! This is my type of crowd...fun, laid back and respectful to all different personality types. If you go to Psycho Suzi's and like the atmosphere and are looking for a good real estate agent, let me know! I am a great real estate agent and know that we will get along well if you enjoy the atmosphere and company at Psycho Suzi's!! This is not a solicitation, just sharing info!

I’m a Realtor & LOVE Psycho’s! I have tattoos & piercing…no one judges & everyone is welcomed! I would love to work w/ these people because my individuality & work ethics would be more appreciated! Everywhere should be as refreshing as Psycho Suzi’s! This is not a solicitation, just for your info!

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I'm nowhere near the place, but boy it sure looks like fun!

A group of us on our way "up north" stopped by Psycho's on the 13th of July. It happened that we arrived before the place opened and the early staff were busy doing all the early staff opening things.

Neverthless, the back tiki garden was in great shape and the staff was extremely helpful offering early drinkeepoos (bottles only, fellas) before the bartender came on duty. We were fortunate to be able to "open" the bar and what a great place ! It is most certainly now on my list for the "fly-in date dash" outing with a steak downtown at Ruth's Chris and a ride to Suzi's for mayhem.

The jukebox has Sinatra, Don Ho, The Clash, and the Angry Samoans - which is just great ! [ Steak Knife is my favorite from college]. Neverhtless, despite the exotic music selection - the motif is 100% tiki and laid back. While the jukebox is pure vanity, the bar is all business.

I had a suffering bastard that was the best I've had in years. Mybe it was the "warm up" on Red Stripe and maybe it was the weather just right for drinking ... but the place was awesome.

The staff was helpful, pleasant, and attractive in a tiki bar kind of way.

I recently caught an episode of "Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives" (Food Network, host by our very own Guy Fieri of Santa Rosa!) which featured Psycho Suzi's. Though Guy focused on the eats of the place (lots of pizzas and beer battered munchies), the camera shot some great pics of her mug collection, flaming Tiki drinks in volcano bowls, a carved Tiki, and the outside deck with thatched umbrellas. Suzi told Guy that she collected some of her mugs from a "tiki convention"... Tiki Oasis? Hukilau?

Good to hear you are keeping Tiki alive, Minneapolis!

Live Aloha!

The many personalities of Myke

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Yeah I saw that too,
I wanna go, the food looks Killer,
I'm kinda hesitant about the drinks though.


All right you locals. I'm attending a conference this summer down at the convention center and I'm staying at the Millennium. How far is Psycho Suzie's from there? Won't have a car so is mass transit handy to use, or is it lame and stop running at 11:00 like some places I've been?

rent a car.....go to enterprize car rental..get a small compact for $32 a day, maybe less...save yourself the headache of tryin to get around otherwise....enjoy your trip with less hassles....and maybe even find a way to write it off on next years tax return as an added bonus...

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