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Huntington Beach Tiki Home?

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Hey Hoity Toities! Bong, Ben, SDC,Pop in HB.
Do any of you know this house and/or owner?
I found this by accident on the net.
I want to respect the guys privacy, but it's right out there, so I figure they have his consent.
I love it when tiki sneaks up on ya.

The Enchanted Tiki Home
Slater Ave., Huntington Beach, CA
This standard one-story tract home, features some impressive tikis and tropical landscaping. The owner carved the tikis for Lion Country Safari in Irvine, but got them back when the zoological park closed. He was also one of the original dancers at Disneyland's Tahitian Terrace.

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On the corner of Slater and Jackson. Just East of Bitch Blvd. What's a Hoiti Toiti?? (arrrrrrr!!)

He was in an issue of Tiki News.

This dude was a polynesian that carved tikis. It was also a rental and he doesn't live there any more (Damn renters!).


Hey, hey, hey!

Watch what you say about us renters. We're just waiting for the right spot to re-root. Still looking......


Rev~ Where is Jackson? I know where Slater is, but I don't seem to find Jackson on my Thomas Guide.

Maybe it was not Jackson. Hmmmm. On Slater in between Bitch and Newland. I guess it no longer matters since they moved? A friend of mine lived just behind em a while back(pre-tiki sell out days). We shared a few brews back then.

There is another H.B. tiki house that my Grandfather Ely (DOH!!!), Eli did off of Bitch between Talbert and Ellis. All original stuff from the 60's. She came into our store and flipped out when she and Mrs. Boo started talking and found out that I was his Grandson (namesake my middle name is Ely, Doh!! Eli). She knew my Grandparents real well and they used to hang and have luau's etc.

Hey! Here's one for all you local collectors. Find articles, photos, etc. of the "Island Trade Store" that was in Midway City on Bitch Blvd., that is now a Ryder and Uhaul. Find something that I don't have and I'll give you a tiki bar!

You guys may have seen this already.
Is this freaken classic HB or what?
They seem totally oblivious to the oil wells.
They would have looked a lot cooler if they would have disguised them as Tikis
"Mommy, can I have some tortilla strips and a coke to go with my oil sludge?"
Do they still serve tortilla strips there on the beach?
Oh, the memories.

[ Edited by: Unga Bunga on 2004-02-20 01:53 ]

The little boy in the middle...jumping up....that's me!!.....
Oh wait....I just looked at the year.....not me. When I was a kid they had the grasshopper-looking pumps....the ones that go up and down. Sometimes "they" would paint them with eyes....nay seriously brethren......the boy was my grandfather.....yeahyeah that's it......

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On 2004-02-20 01:38, Unga Bunga wrote:
They seem totally oblivious to the oil wells.

This reminds me of a shot in "Koyaanisqatsi" of a family sunning on the beach. The camera pulls back, and you see that they're right in front of the San Onofre nuclear plant! Eeeek!

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