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tiki costumes -halloween

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So I want to dress up like a tiki for halloween (duh) Im not sure about how to make a tiki head, any ideas? any one else dress up? got Pics?


I've been wanting to do that too. I think a Moai would be easiest. Make it out of pieces of foam, or styrofoam & paint it. I picture making it to about my knees, so that I could wear it and actually walk. Oh and eye holes would be good.

If you use styrofoam boards/sheets, be careful about the paint, as some paints dissolve styrofoam. Water-based paint should be fine. Nice thing is, styrofoam can be glued with wood glue with good strength.

Man, now I really wanna do this!


check this out..


if you follow the link on the bottom you can even buy it, im gonna order one this week!

oops.. goto gallery then there's a link for tiki god mask

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There are four moai costumes in the art-pit at my old office. They are made of cardboard with craft paper (like heavy brown shipping paper) fastened all over the surface to simulate stone. If you are handy at all with a blade and hot glue gun, you could make one in less than a day.

You can use foam-core board or regular old cardboard to build up the basic shape. If you can't get large pieces, like from appliance boxes, you can overlap and glue several pieces together. You don't have to worry about it having sharp corners or being pretty cuz you will cover the whole thing with craft paper.

Get a bunch of big sheets of craft paper and crumple it up, then loosely flatten it back out. The creases and surface irregularities look a lot like stone. Then simply hot glue it all over your moai-shaped box. Be sure to keep some areas of the paper crumpled up and popped-out from the surface a little so the surface is uneven. Use the paper to round off the corners so they look more like stone. Then get some dark spray paint and spray the low spots on the paper so the shadows are more defined. Be sure to build in a drink-holder on the inside and maybe even a vent in the top, preferrably with a little battery powered fan for cooling.

Hope this helps.

On 2002-08-13 11:13, hula hula wrote:
if you follow the link on the bottom you can even buy it, im gonna order one this week!

oops.. goto gallery then there's a link for tiki god mask

I found the direct link, here. Only 20 bucks (unfinished)!

Here's a page that shows how they're made: Tiki Mask

Patrick McNeal

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I found the direct link

thank you- i was going nuts trying to find it. wow, 20 bucks.

i can envision a TikiCentral Sychronized Tiki Team in the Doo Dah Parade!

Here the ULTIMATE TIKI costume http://www.hollywood-costumes.com/cgi-bin/store/perlshop.cgi?action=ENTER&thispage=hollywood-main.htm&ORDER_ID=!ORDERID! go to search, type in Tiki, then click on "Oversized Masks" then scan down till you see him If the link doesn't work go to hollywood-costumes.com type in tiki, then go to oversized masks, and scan down till you find it :tiki:

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Sorry I had to edit so many times, I haven listed to many links before, just learning :D

Here's a pic of the previous post, kinda hard to find on the site:

Thanks, I am glad someone knows what their doing!

ouch 6 bones! really neat though.

Wow!!! ....and for the low, low discount price of only $679.99, you too can go as a tiki to your favorite halloween party. I think I'd try fumbling around with the styrofoam first! Cool, but I'd have to have the decimal point moved over before I'd ponder this one.

Perhaps you could do something like Shag's tiki mask/shield looking characters with cardboard & tempera paints...probably get a decent looking costume at 1/100th of the cost of the "Hollywood" version!

OR....(geez, the creative inspiration just hit for some reason) get one of those cylindrical cardboard storage barrel thingeys, pop the metal top & bottom off & paint it up as your favorite tiki mug! EVERYONE would want to have their picture taken with you!

Points to ponder. Have a good one, all!!!

This idea was actually given to me by a friend in Atlanta.

I'll be dressing up as a cocktail! I'm going to try to design the tiki mug with styrofoam, paint it, then have a straw with fruit and a cherry maybe to garnish. If the tiki mug doesn't work out I know I can find a large piece of plastic to use a glass and I'll just use a tiki for a swizzle popping out near my head!

We've got to post pics after Halloween!

Yee-Haw & Aloha,
Tiki Kiliki

Country Fried Hot Rod

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Myriahs has got a rubber "Tiki" mask fer like $30 or 40 buck! -=CC=-

On 2002-08-14 08:23, Tiki By CC wrote:
Myriahs has got a rubber "Tiki" mask fer like $30 or 40 buck! -=CC=-

link please......


Look under,'Tiki Mugs and Tikis,'then under,'Tiki lights and misc.'

I have finally gotten around to posting pictures from our Atomic Tiki Party and Bamboo Ben's Gathering of the Tribes. Here is the page which shows my tiki dress. http://www.cherrycapri.com/atomictiki/backstage.shtml

Thanks to lots of help from fashion designer, Mr Charles, (Atomic Cocktail on T.C.) we came up with an A-line dress done in a ribbed brown fabric. On this I painted an aku aku head with red sequin eyes placed strategically for my girlish figure :wink:

The headdress is simply a foam circle with elastic strap covered with palm tree branches.

Hope you enjoy the ideas!!! Love to see others.


Check out a place called Party City...I'm not sure if you have them in Las Vegas though...they sale party decorations and more...I bought some tiki string lights for my patio and got a cool Tiki used for a wall or door decoration that you could easily convert to a mask...it cost about $4.00...just poke some eye holes and attach an elastic band to hold it on your head. It's about 8" wide and 22" long and 4" deep. It's plastic but its painted orange, purple, white, brown, and tourquoise(sp?) to look like a carved Tiki...


hey i've seen those atrocitys(sp), but actually thought of doing that myself. Im first gonna try and make a paper mache mask/pole. maybe moai style.


If your crafty, rip a palm frawn from a palm
tree, cut some holes, add some war paint
lines...put some cushioning(rag) add an old
shoe lace and you gotta strap!
TiKi tOny


THat is an EXCELLENT tiki mug dress! Not only does it look like a tiki mug, but it has style and verve too. Bravo!


I found this picture while searching around, certainly a more lowbrow costume than others mentioned here...

I swear it is not me!

Yeah, you could get one of those cardboard cylinders they use to make concrete molds for supports out of. You could get one that your height, paint it, and cut some arm holes in it, and you will be a tiki pole. You could even do some make-up on your arms to make them look like wood!


I want to be a palm tree for Halloween, and have Mr. Humuhumu be a monkey, but he's not going for it. Even after I pointed out that he could be humping my leg all evening. Oh well.

Im going as an aloha shirt clad hipster
or maybe just a mod

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