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Tiki tinged TV tonight

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Kono posted on Fri, Feb 20, 2004 8:12 PM

How weird. I always watch the daily tape of Hawaii Five-O when I get home from work. No big deal there.

But then, at a bit after 8pm, I stumble onto an episode of Magnum PI that's about a cursed tiki (they call it a ki'i) that was stolen from an antique store in LA and is leaving a trail of misfortune wherever it goes. This episode of Magnum PI introduced the Simon and Simon bros who later got their own show. That was one mean little tiki.

Then I switch to Fox. Man vs Beast 2. Heady television to be sure. And what do I see? A race between a chimp and a Samoan fellow in climbing up a palm tree to grab a flag. The Samoan competitor is Kap Teo Tafiti from the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu who I had the pleasure of meeting (in a totally tourist way) a few months ago! Kap is the main character in the Samoan portion of the exhibits and is the big star of the Fire Dance in the evening Big Show after the luau. Kap kicked the chimp's rear in the race as well. He kicked butt so well that the producers came up with a dumb handicap rematch that made Kap "technically" lose the second race (he had to beat the chimp's time by two to "win"). Kap should be a big time movie star, a Samoan Jackie Chan if you will, but much funnier. Unfortunately, his charisma and comedic talent did not come fully across on this TV appearance.

Folks that stick to PBS and Bravo...you're missing out. ;D

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