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another Tiki Sighting on The Simpsons

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I was watching an episode of the Simpsons last sunday were Bart creates a comic called Angry Dada based on Homer. An internet company decide to turn Angry Dad into an on line cartoon. While Bart and Lisa are being shown the process of turning the comic into a cartoon on a computer I noticed that there was a Moai sitting on top of the computer.

Sam! Don't do it!

Last night on the Simpson's Homer calls Selma to ask her to marry Apu. The picture over her bed is of her and Patty with a Moai. Had to tell you all, nobody at my house or work will really care. It's to the point where I see Tiki, even when they aren't there.

Tacky Techie Tiki Bar

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And you just reminded me of the episode where Homer got himself a Tiki statue that the local Hawaiian Restaurant, "Bob's Big Poi" had thrown out and he named it, "Talkie Tiki" and rerouted the house's gas line through the tiki's mouth so it could breathe fire.

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I have to agree, I see tiki in the cottage cheese ceiling of my room . . . . Also, my ceramics instructor told me to stop making so many tiki mugs. Oh well, You can take the tiki away from tOny but you can't take the tOny out of tiki. . . or something?
-tOny eL TiGre de TiKi

Rain posted on Thu, Feb 13, 2003 1:23 PM

although not technically tiki, there's the episode where bart gives blood to save mr. burns' life, and in return burns ends up giving the simpsons a HUGE idol head. kinda tiki.


Sorry, Rain, but that was Xtopalopyketal (sp?), a native American Indian or Inuit idol I believe.

If you want to go old school Simpsons there's teh first Simpson's X-Mas special where the school was doing X-Mas around the world and Lisa did a Polynesion X-Mas dance. She was wearing nothing but a Tiki Mask and a grass skirt and juggling flaming torches.

Rain posted on Thu, Feb 13, 2003 1:41 PM

that's right, tiki-bot. i forgot. that name would be some mexican or south american tribe, like the maya or the aztecs, really.

still a cool idol, though.

Its a giant Olmec heada tribe just south of the maya.
In the episode with George Bush Snr, when they have the garage sale at the start of the show the big head is outside and up for sale.

laney posted on Thu, Feb 13, 2003 5:51 PM

There is also an episode where their basement floods and the Giant Head is down there in the background.

I saw that simpson I want to know where I can still shots or clips of "Talkie-Tiki"


Talkie I've been looking for them as well. I did a google image search and have never found any pics.

Rain posted on Thu, Feb 13, 2003 10:56 PM

i like giant heads.

Actually, what is funny is that the tiki in the basement is pretty consistant and shows up many times when the family is in the basement.
I just caught a glimpse last week.



Ahh the story that is/was/will be Talkie Tiki

For you TalkieT

Turbo- Thanks man! Took me forever to get them all, but it was so worth it!

If only we had sound...

Anyone know what season this episode was? I probably have it on tape somewhere, but I don't know what season it was.



I downloaded the mpeg from Kazaa, the did some still caps. File is listed as "Simpsons Barney Sober" in a video search. It's the episode where Barney takes the helicopter lessons.

laney posted on Fri, Feb 14, 2003 9:15 PM

"Get out of my dreams, get into my car!"


You Scotts really know your Simpsons. I must have burned up too many brain cells since I last saw that episode. Do they air Simpsons reruns everynite in Scotland like they do here in San Diego? That's the only thing that gets rid of that feeling of utter hoplessness and impending doom after watching the evening news.


Yes its compulsary due to Grounds Keeper Willy, he's a national hero, to go to america and get such a good job, och he's done better than billy connely. Hoots.

I understand Tony Blair will be representing the English in a future Simpsons episode. (WTF?) I just wish we had Willie batting for our side.

Trader Woody
NB - Why doesn't Willie drink IRN BRU just before he rips off his shirt?

Aparently IRN BRU is illegal in america due to huge amount of caffine in it, or because its made "fae girdurs".
Willy's ripped physique is due to life long consumption of IRN BRU and not a temporary side-effect like popeye and his spinich.


In one of today's episodes (SkyTV UK), Marge's ring tone on her cell was Hawaii-5-0 theme :)

The Stevenson Wedding Mug by Cheekytiki, 2006

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I created my own Simpsons Tiki Sighting

Fugu posted on Thu, Jul 26, 2007 8:42 PM

One of the best tiki references in the Simpsons is in the episode with Apu's arranged marriage.

In one brief scene Moe is leaving town to fulfill his dream of visiting Easter Island:
Moe: ...I've been planning this vacation for years. I'm finally going to see Easter Island.
Homer: Oh, right, with the giant heads.
Moe: With the what now?

Later on in the episode Moe reappears (after his vacation) wearing a T-shirt with kissing Moai that says "Easter Island is for Lovers". Yep- I'm a geek. I even went to one of the converted 7-11 Kwik-e-marts. (It was awesome).

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