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Seattle to L.A. tiki not in Road Trip?

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Bought a car. It's in Seattle. I'm in L.A. Flying up and driving back this weekend. Anything new or missing from Tiki Road Trip that I should know about? Thanks!


Congratulations on the car purchase! The most significant locations you can't find in TRT are of course the home bars. Beyond that, here are the few things missing from TRT in the Seattle area:

The Islander - new restaurant, more of an elegant, Hawaiiana feel, but does have tikis and serves drinks in tiki mugs. Food is pretty good, drinks are inconsistent.
96 Union Street, Seattle
(206) 344-8088

Tiki Joe's Wet Bar - new bar, has tikis but mixes with vague tropical/Carribean stuff. Drinks are served in tiki mugs for regulars only. Painted Shag rip-offs & framed Jimmy Buffett aloha shirt on the walls. Stevie Ray Vaughan was the music when I visited. Owner is well-intentioned but kinda clueless. I told him about BOT & TRT when I was there, who knows.
106 Kirkland Ave, Kirkland

Mambo - small tiki-centric thrift/junk shop just down the street from Tiki Joe's, run by tiki old-timer Paul Hupp. A bizarre and worthwhile experience, even if you don't buy anything (deals are rare here). He's got some great carved posts from the Seattle Trader Vic's, but they aren't for sale. Erratic hours, call ahead.
209 Kirkland Ave, Kirkland
(425) 889-8787

Giant Ku at Newport Yacht Club - probably about 12' high, carved by E. Marcus Westby in 1968. Sits in a neighborhood park, open to the public.
81 Skagit Key, Bellevue

If you're interested in stores & thrift shops, or interesting non-tiki sites, I can post a few of those, too.

For the rest of the stretch past Seattle, locals will do a better job than I can of highlighting places not in TRT; I don't have TRT in front of me at the moment, so I don't remember what is & isn't in there.

Have a blast!


Great info Humuhumu,

Seems like I've got Seattle covered now. Next is Oregon and I hear the Alibi is the place to go. Any other must sees not in TRT?

If I time it right I'll hit the Conga Lounge in Oakland for Otto's festivities on Saturday night.

Sounds like you will be blowing through Oregon pretty fast. The Alibi isn't too far off I-5. I've seen the stuff in Eugene and it isn't worth checking out if you are on a tight schedule. Good luck.

The KoKoMos in Eugene, as listed in TRT, is history.

You're not missing much.

Spend some extra time at Alibi.

What's the exit off I-5? I'll probably cruise around Portland for used record stores and such while I contemplate lunch. Does the Alibi serve lunch? Even a liquid lunch?


Yes, the Alibi serves lunch; they open at 11am. Lunch is a great time to go, as the place is pretty dead, I ate lunch there alone on my drive down when I moved. I don't recall which exit it is, but it must have been pretty easy, as I just guessed an exit and made my way directly there. Just follow the call of the tiki.

Look for an exit to Swan Island or Going
Street. I think it is exit 303. Head west for just about three blocks. Turn south on Interstate. The Alibi will be on your left in about four or five blocks between Mason and Shaver. You can get a decent map by going to mapquest.com.

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