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Thank You for your warm welcome

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Thank you for you warm welcome by posting an e-mail about the Jay Tiki that I carved. I am a surfer/tiki carver living in Santa Cruz. It is great to be connected now to other people who share this love of tikis that I possess.


Hey Will,
Welcome, you'll love it hear.
I'm in Carmel, so give me a heads up when you come down the road and have a tail at my tiki bar. Bring Chongolio with ya too.
Enjoy the website.


Aloha Will. Very nice work.


Welcome TikiWill, Glad you made it over to TC. I'm sure you may like to Stay awhile.
Post more of your Pix in the "Creating Tiki" pages.

Aloha Wil,
Good to see you joined up and checked in with TC. Keep us posted on any new carvins that you are working on.


Welcome Will... good to see you found your way to here! Looking forward to hearing from you more and seeing more work!

Dave "Lake Surfer"

Pages: 1 5 replies