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"Sell This House" Tiki Incident

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I was flippin channels and I accidentally came across this show called, "Sell This House".
Another stupid reality show. Anyway, one of the hosts opens the piano and finds a Hawaiian tki god inside, and the other host says:"Oh my God! Didn't you see the Brady Bunch episode when they found the tiki and all hell broke loose? Put it back now!".
So the movers come in and they didn’t think about unscrewing the base of the table and break the marble top of the table. So what do they do, they blame it on the tiki god for it.
What a bunch of Defuses.


Tikiking printed a story a while ago about all the creepy things that happened while he was trying to carve a replica of the "cursed" Brady tiki.


Don't underestimate the power of the Brady tiki, or you too might have a terrible surfing accident.

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