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I rented Crazy Taxi 3 for the X-Box and the game takes place in a Vegas-like city called Glitter Oasis. One of the hotels "on the strip" has a row of moai in front of it. The hotel is even called the Rapa Nui.

I just recently played Curse of Monkey Island on the PC (yes, I know I'm behind the times). I cracked up when the oh-so-piratey Scumm Bar was turned into the Lua Bar when the main character's back was turned! There were tiki-ish totem poles inside, the waitress wore a hula skirt and bikini top. The outside had flaming tiki torches. And of course, because it was a "cheesy" bar, the only food they sold was sushi. :)


Similar to Crazy Taxi, Simpsons Road Rage on PS2 has an area where you drive through a minature golf course and there is a moai.



While there's not really a legit reason to have a tiki in our WW2 flight combat game, this has inspired me to put at least one semi-obscure tiki in the cinematic sequence I'm working on right now. Unfortunately no one outside our dev team will see it til Xmas 2003 :(

But as I'm the ONLY person doing the cinematic scenes for the whole game, rest assured that tiki will be well-represented :)


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*On 2002-08-14 14:15, snarkoutgirl wrote:*I just recently played Curse of Monkey Island on the PC

I don't remember anything you're refering to... are you sure it's was "Curse Of Monkey Island" and not "Escape from Monkey Island" (which I never played)??

Duh, yes it was Escape from Monkey Island (not curse). Sorry about the confusion! :P


Mad Dash for X-Box has a tiki world in it... first level, I believe...

If you come over to my house and bring me a bottle of hooch, I'll let you play it, hee hee.


In Half-Life you can uhhmm.. mark your territory. I chose a bright green Moai.
Its fun to spray paint walls with reckless abandon.

Just got a PS2 to help me through the grom British winter months (lots of rain rather than fun snow) and my little brother gave me a PS2 mag. There was a little article mentioning that Kunami have moai's hiding in lots of games including Parodius, ISS Pro Evolution and Police 24/7 (No, me neither...)

Metal Gear Solid 2 is well known, though and there are 3 moai's somewhere in the game. If anyone's actually interested, I'll type out the instructions on how to find 'em, but I can't be arsed otherwise.

Trader Woody

Pretty addictive game online. I feel it's tikiesque. I mean the guy's wearing a mask. You can see palms and and outrigger. And there's a volcano. Click once on the mouse to start running, Click and hold to angle spear, release button before foul line. Reminds me of the old track and field game.



This seems to be a link to download the .SWF file - when I drop that file in my browser, all it does is play the "loading" graphic. Also - you cannot link to the games.alentus.com page - access denied! Any hints on how to get to this?


I found it on http://www.fark.com/ . Listed under thursdays posts. The headlinge is speartossing game more addictive than crack. We've been playing it all day at work. You may need shockwave or flash to play it.

Good Luck


My Bad. Seems fark adds a bit to the end. I cleared my temp internet files and it didn't work for me either. I edited the end of the url shoul work now.

Oh by the way I am a socialite now whoohooo. Does that mean I have to extend my pinky now?



Nope - even going to Fark & clicking on the link just takes me to a blank screen... I have Flash installed too.... Maybe it's a Mac problem!


AAAAAAAAaaaaggghhh! Turbogod, why why WHY did you curse me with this game?? I'd almost made it through Friday the 13th unscathed... until THIS! I CAN'T STOP PLAYING!! I've been throwing this damn spear for almost an HOUR now, and STILL can't get on the top score board (I break 500 most times, but that 535 is damn elusive!! Any hints to improve?

No time to write more!





The best I ever got was 534 I quit.

Damm you Damm you to hell 532.5


Found this screen shot for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

the game takes place in the 80s in a Miami-like city.
Can't wait for the release!


Wow, my subtley hidden tikis can't compete with THAT! It's pretty darn cool.

I can't wait for this game either...

Yes that does look really cool. Tiki's every where.
MaD-TiKi :evil:

Wow, I'm going to email that to Wayne Coombs, that's one of his original tiki designs!

Plenty of Moai looking statues in the racing game "Cro-mag rally" Lava too!
The game came pre installed on my laptop.



Just found this on the MAME work in progress page:

It's from a 1993 video game called "Magical Cat Adventure"

"Oh mystic powers - hear my call...
From my limbs, let new life fall..."

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Has anyone found the Tiki pool in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City yet?

I've had it for a couple of days and the game is so huge it must be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Trader Woody

If I remember, it's just south east of your property la Casa Grande. I know it's in that neighborhood somewhere.

Cheers for the info. I've not managed to buy the house yet, as I'm still trying to murder the pizza delivery boy(!)
Still, I know where the house is and will search for the Tikis.

Thanks again

Trader Woody

I spent hours on foot and bike trying to find this place... never could.
Finally stole a helicoptor and found it by air.
It is between the Malibu Club and the Pole Position Club.
This is a great game.

There are also some tikis in SSX Tricky (a cool snowboarding game). They're in the Aloha Ice Jam level where you snowboard from the top of an island to the bottom.

Here's a shot of one of them, although it seems like there's a few better ones in this level (it's been a while since I've played it).

Double Crown Records

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laney posted on Tue, May 20, 2003 1:30 PM

I'm bringing back this old thread because my friend just finished the Finding Nemo game for PS2 and he say's it's filled with tikis. I have yet to play but soon. Can anyone confirm? I'll be taking my son to the movie next week.

Finally a topic that I can contribute to!

Just a few additions to the list of games with Tikis:

Konami LOVES the moai. Most if not all Gradius games (Gradius, Salamander, Gradius, 3, Gradius 4) include an entire Moai-themed stage. Likewise the Parodius series-- I think it's Oshaberi Parodius that has an entire crazy moai stage. Several of these are available for play on MAME, but I think Oshaberi Parodius was Sega Saturn/PSX only. Plus somebody already mentioned the Metal Gear Solid 2 moai.

Both SSX games have the Hawaii stage with many tikis. In Freekstyle, the semi-sequel to SSX, one of the riders is Hawaiian and has a tiki-inspired bike.

One interesting game that I'm sure nobody but me has played is Altered Beast for the Game Boy Advance (sequel the arcade great of yore). One of the stages (Vulcan) is fire-themed and has breakable Ku statues here and there. Pretty cool and surprising!

This is a stretch, but in World Heroes 2, Jet, and Perfect for the Neo Geo, there's a Papua New Guinea-an fighter called Mudman who even had tiki-ish special attacks.

That's all that comes to mind. Will discuss tonight with Mrs. Karasu 99 to see if I've forgotten any.


Cool thread!

Timelapse is an old PC game that came out on the crest of the Myst craze. It starts on Easter Island and takes you back to Mayan temples, Ancient Egypt and an Anasazi village in the search for Atlantis. GTE Entertainment issued it and did a lot of research to make it historically accurate. It's lush and gorgeous and you can usually find a copy on eBay or buy it from Hammerhead Entertainment:


in the Crash Bandicoot series for Playstation 1 &2, Crash is protected by a floating tiki mask named Aku Aku- though he's not really a true Hawaiian tiki, more of a generic wooden "witch doctor" thing...in one of the PS1 games- the 3rd one I think- you get to battle a pair of guys called the Tiki brothers. the whole series has a cool jungle-y/ tribal art kind of feel to it.


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Remember Elf Bowl from a few years back?? On the Elf Bowl 2 game (Elf Shuffleboard)during a random part of the game a giant Moai head comes down and says "Hi there!" and then a giant hand comes out of the sky and takes him away.

I broke out my Playstation 2 for the first time in a while today....my 4 year old girl wanted to play a driving game.....well, I dusted off the old "Test Drive Off Road Wide Open" game and set it up to drive in Hawaii because I remember there were some tikis in the landscape. Little did I know that they are Bosko Tikis torn right from the "Taboo: The Art of Tiki" book, page 69. Not just similar......exact copies! I wonder if he knows! I'll try to take a pic of the screen and upload it....funny where famialiar tikis will pop up!

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You should get a finders fee!

Playststion kicks ass. I still want an x-box, but my old lady will kill me. I play enough video games as is.


I talked to Bosko today and he said he didn't know. He hasn't seen the game.

As promised, here is Bosko's handiwork that has been "appropriated"

now, one would have been coincidence but....

Some texture designer must have been told "we need tikis for our offroad game....find them!"
"No prob", thinks our heroic designer," I'll just steal a couple of Bosko's from this here tiki art book! No one will notice! Don't all tikis look the same?"

I'm afraid not, my little plagiarising friend! I'm curious to think what Bosko thinks of this.

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the image/design of my cocktail/candle holder #CCH

was used many times on a 'Space Ghost'
kid's CD long ago. I just saw it this year in a band mate's mini-van... next to the car seat. An illustrator must have photoed and painted my image... it is very exact, but looks painted...

Copywrite letter on the way....

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Hey, C'Al, you're right! (Not that I would have doubted you.) This is the CD you're talking about, yes?

I don't have this CD, but I have a mix CD that Mig made for me that contains a song from it, Brak's Hawaiian Vacation. Mig & I listened to that song at least two dozen times at Oasis. It's a short, stoopid song, but it makes me almost wet my pants every time I hear it. It sounds like a song my brother would have written when he was four, and I LUV IT!

Now I feel so conflicted! I love Crazy Al, but I also love Brak! Further complicating it, Brak ripped off Crazy Al's design, but then I ripped off Brak by accepting a copy of the song that Mig ripped off from the CD! Does that make it better, or worse? I suddenly feel so... dirty.


thanks for the pic!!!!...Humu stikes again!! i do not have a copy of this cd yet and would love to also.


On 2004-06-15 15:37, crazy al wrote:
the image/design of my cocktail/candle holder
was used many times on a 'Space Ghost' Copywrite letter on the way....

even if you send a copyright infringement letter heres how it works;
the one with the most money (and lawyers) wins. they have lawyers on retianer. do you? They assume you do not.
It costs 5000. just to go to court. they know this and assume the lil artist has not the wherewithall to go after the corporations who believe, again, that it's "easier to ask forgiveness than ask permission".

It's really amazing that so many "art directors" don't understand that copyright infringement applies to tiki as well as anything else....they just assume that all tikis are made by "anonymous carver"....amazing.....go get 'em C' Al!


I remember there were some tikis in the landscape. Little did I know that they are Bosko Tikis

The cool bosko tiki mask designs were also lifted right from his web site and used on a few of those cardboard tiki coasters we see on every tiki product vendor web site and on ebay.

A while ago, some dude made a "tiki beer" t shirt and used one of Bosko's distinctive tiki designs in the artwork.

just because it's easy to lift artwork off the internet and use for ones own purpose doesn't make it right.


as a holder of a copyright, it is your sol responsibility to stake claim to it. The less you defend an image the less you have claim to it. It is just a matter of principle or rater documentation. WB, or whoever, also does not want to spend $5000 on anything... so maybe later on I get credit on a reprint...
the better the letter the more someone listens

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laney posted on Tue, Jun 15, 2004 4:27 PM

On 2004-06-15 15:37, crazy al wrote:
the image/design of my cocktail/candle holder #CCH

was used many times on a 'Space Ghost'
kid's CD long ago. I just saw it this year in a band mate's mini-van... next to the car seat. An illustrator must have photoed and painted my image... it is very exact, but looks painted...

Copywrite letter on the way....

Hey C Al, Was that glass used on "Darma & Greg"? I remember Greg drinking out of a tiki glass and you could see red liquid through the mouth. I always thought that was a cool design and not often seen. I wondered what that was for a long time.


yes... i never saw it, but was told it was used on that set by a very good sorce

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