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Mai Tai Tiki Brunch video

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Now up at Mai Tai on-line:

A Quicktime video of the Mai Tai Tiki Brunch at the Jardin Tiki in Montreal!

Go to: http://www.maitaionline.com
(scroll down to the Tiki Events section and click the link)

My first attempt at working with iMovie4, so it's a little rough around the edges... but it'll give you a chance to see what the Jardin Tiki looks like...


John T.

[ Edited by: John in Montreal 2006-06-10 17:24 ]


Nice. Makes me wanna spend hours of my time making video and posting it...


Why does that one Tiki have pennies in his eyes? Any story that goes with it? Thanks for the video, FUN! :tiki:


John, Great job, Awsome video. Really makes me want to come see the Jardin Tiki for myself,but that white stuff on the ground scares me..will any of you make Oasis 4...hope so..


Glad you enjoyed the video...

Don't let the "white stuff" scare ya... it was actually quite a mild day and what you saw on the ground was just the remains of the stuff that fell here in January.

As for Oasis 4, it'll be impossible to be there "in the flesh" in May but... since Mai Tai is now distributed at the Caliente tropics, I'm sure we'll find a way to make our presence felt.

Our gang is heading out for another excursion to the Coconut Motel in Trois-Rivières on Easter weekend and, yes, I will be bringing the camera along. So expect another video sometime towards the end of April.

John T.


Looking forward to it! forgot to say that I enjoyed the music as much as the video..We are headed to Palm Springs in a couple of weeks,will look for your mag there..

very nice John in Montreal!

props to the ukelele playing...

show us more! i'll watch it! j$

Thanks for sharing JFM. Breakfast sushi. Pure genius.

[ Edited by: nice fishy on 2004-03-03 16:20 ]


Great video! Looks like a terrific time was had by all. Loved the ukulele music. Looking forward to the Coconut Motel video.

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