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g'day from australia

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hi,just joined tiki central,im a carver (trying anyway) from melbourne,will try to post some pics of my work,having trouble,any help would be appreaciated...thanks ..GAV...


CLick on the 'Help/FAQ' button above (upper right hand side of screen) and look under the topic 'Using BB code'. There are instructions there on how to post photos.

Have fun!

PEDDRO posted on Thu, Mar 4, 2004 6:26 PM

haha....about time you got on here Gav!!

{Hey, I saw your stuff down at the Outre Gallery the other day....funny as hell, since I'd never been there but we stumbled upon it and SHAG was there signing his books, along with ORIGINAL paintings all thru the place.....SHAG and GAV on show today!!!}

Guys, I have a few of Gav's tikis....if only I could post a few pics without going thru so much hassle (I'm lazy that way...tech-wise!) you could see how good some of Gav's stuff is.

OK, I got bored....hopefully these pics come up.....oh yeah, I apologise if I'm posting these in the wrong section!

[ Edited by: PEDDRO on 2004-03-04 18:41 ]


Hey Peddro...Nice Clean looking Tiki. Yeah you should post these in "Creating Tiki", but they'll let it slide once.
What are the tikis carved from? The detail is Really Crisp and sharp. Looks like you made a mold of your carvings and poured them in plaster the bottom picture beng 2 pieces?? Come on over to Creating Tiki and Spill the Beans with more pix.

[ Edited by: Benzart on 2004-03-04 19:11 ]

PEDDRO posted on Thu, Mar 4, 2004 9:25 PM

No probs Benzart. I've done as you suggested....

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