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Miss Cherry Capri and the Thurston Howlies

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Last weekend, Shelley and I had the extraordinary experience of visiting the "Futura House", home to Cherry Capri and the Thurston Howlies. We went up to L.A. on Saturday evening, we ran into BaxDog and KukuiNut at Trader Vic's (they were there for an event, "Search for Tiki" put on by the Copro/Nason Gallery). We had a few cocktails, then headed to the valley. It was a raging party!!!!. "Cherry Capri and the Thurston Howlies" are a must see. They are a dizzying poly pop mix, hard hitting as Punchy, as sweet as C&H, they are a fantastic band. King Kukulele sat in with them, and Vintage Girl sang backup with the Waikiki Three, just a great set. And the Futura House, from the fixtures, to the furniture down to the kitchen utensils it is a mid century modernist dream. Unbelievable. I would like to sincerely thank our hosts Cary and Mary-Margaret Stratton for their hospitality and a truly memorable evening. Really, really great.

The next day we toured the Kona Pali Tiki apartments (pg 222-223, BOT), a tropical slice of paradise. We also ate at a very Googie IHOP. FloraTina, King Kuke and the Strattons were on hand to debate the virtues of real vermont grade A, over banana flavored syrup. ( I like falernum). That night Shelley and I dined at Damons, our first time there. It was a fantastic weekend and a great time. Thanks again Mary-Margaret and Cary, see you at the Gathering of the Tribes.

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Wow! Thanks for the great compliment, guys. Miss Trixie (my stage name) will be so pleased that you enjoyed the show. We look forward to seeing you again when we perform at Bamboo Ben's grand opening on Sunday. :)

Wow! alnshelly - how sweet of you to post that glowing report... we had an absolutely wonderful time with you too. And Mary-Margaret said she would post pics as they start trickling in...

Miss Trixie was truly astonishing - no one has ever seen hips gyrate that fast! Look for a replay this weekend at Bamboo Ben's with a few never before seen touches. Rumor has it that Crazy Al wil be sitting in :wink: on a song.

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