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What would you do?

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For several months, Utopiandreem & I have been planing a vacation to Hawaii. We were going to go to aleast 2 of the islands for about 2 weeks. The problem is that we scheduled the vacation on Sept.18th-Oct. 2nd of this year, the same time as Hukilau 2004 will be going on. We dont have enough cash for both trips, so doing both is out of the quesiton. What would you do? Go to Hawaii or Hukilau 2004?


Hawaii will always be there, but there will only be ONE Hukilau 2004! :)


Hawaii will be more of a personal affair. The Hukilau is more of a big party. It depeneds if you want to spend time with fun like minded people or if you just want to have a quiet vacation in Hawaii. Hope that helps.


The obvious answer is...find a Hukilau in Hawaii.


I'm with tikigreg on this one. You might not have many opportunities to go to the Mai Kai and meet the TC Ohana (I missed it last year).

Since you're here in So Cal, Hawaii is close enough to plan a future trip with just the two of you. Or the two of you and your new friends you meet at Huki Lau! :wink:


A week at each, easy.

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