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-- Tiki Huts may house homeless people in Key West --
I love the irony.
For a lot of them, it was probably the mai tai's that got them there. :)
Please send your complaints regarding harassing the homeless
Harassing the Homeless T.C. Post
Unga Bunga
Carmel , CA

On 2004-03-04 14:09, Kailuageoff wrote:


That's very interesting. Did anybody read the book yet? I wonder if he uses the term "Witco" in connection with "The Alibi".

Did I ever mention that the first inkling that it was me who had to write the book on Tiki came to me at an LA Cacaphony Society meeting at Bahooka's on November the 11th, 1991?
Not even a year later did I sent out my first proposals to 3 publishers (only to have them reject it, of course)


"CheeKee Huts for homeless". I Know that guy, Joe Dan Osceola. I'v done quite a bit of Carving for him at his Cigarette shop in Hollywood (Florida that is..)Here is a Big tiki I did being set up at his home.

HE is a Well Known Respected FORMER Chief of the Seminole Tribe in Florida. He and my Father wrote songs about the Everglades together and he made my dad an Honorable Seminole tribe member years ago. HE has a trove of Original Tiki carvings from Way back. The man is a packrat and holds on to everything.
Small World.

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Wow! That is way cool. Sounds like a project for us intrepid Florida tiki explorers. Thanks for sharing.

I'm in!


I'm in and I'll be the guide.
I'm lookin' for Joe Dans phone # today.
Spoke with Joe Dan and He is Waiting for us to show up. Be glad to show off his Art work, Maybe buy some and sell some..

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When do you want to do this? I can travel weekends, but am office-bound during the work week. Send me an e-mail.


Weird News with a tiki bar reference-

Male dippers fined; woman not exposed

DOVER-FOXCROFT, Maine — Two of three friends who jumped naked into Moosehead Lake last summer for a free Skinny Dip sandwich at the Black Frog Restaurant in Greenville were found guilty of indecent exposure Monday in 13th District Court.

The court found that Bernard Beckwith, 31, of Poland and Christian Simpson, 37, of Bethel knowingly exposed their genitals in a public place under circumstances that likely caused affront or alarm to others. Each man was fined $200 plus a $50 court fee by Judge Kevin Stitham, who presided over the combined trial.

Crystal Stilwell, 25, of Bath, who had accompanied the men in the naked jump for the free sandwich, was found not guilty. All three represented themselves during the trial.

Stilwell was naked and her breasts were exposed, but to prove indecent exposure the state had to show that she knowingly exposed her genitals. It could not do that.

Although he was not in the courtroom for the trial, Piscataquis County District Attorney R. Christopher Almy said later that the Legislature should look at this issue to see if they want to continue to have disparate rulings, one for men and one for women.

The fact that Stilwell was found not guilty and that Stitham imposed a smaller fine than the $400 recommended by Assistant District Attorney Margaret Gray, pleased Beckwith.

“I guess it was somewhat of a victory,” Beckwith said after the trial.

The trio’s late afternoon naked run on Aug. 23 from a ramp connected to the Tiki Bar, an outside dining area and bar in the rear of the Black Frog Restaurant, to the water, was viewed not only by patrons of the restaurant but also by visitors to the downtown.

So what is the name of this tiki bar by the Black Frog? I want pictures, of the bar that is


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