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I guess the Rock will be playing King Kamehameha afterall

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A friend of mine, Marissa works for a woman that does costumes for movies and she's going to be working on this. According to what Marissa told me they had originally tried to shoot the film in Brazil but their first week in town the whole film crew was robbed by a bunch of guys with machine guns in their underwear. So the shoot has been moved to Hawaii.

Underwear bandits, man sounds like someone should make a movie about them.

I've been hit up too!! Not by the underware machine gun wackos but by the production team. Seems it has a lot of the Windtalkers people involved. I heard their were 2 movies being shot with the Rock in Hawaii. I heard he's part Hawaiian.

Hey Ben, did you work on 'Windtalkers'? I didn't get a chance to see it. Isn't the film not about the battle for Tarawa atoll in the Gilbert islands? Any native artwork featured in the film?

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