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Bay Area People: Alameda flea market today

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Did any bay area peeps hit the flea market/'Antique Fair' in Alameda today?
Lots to see!
Saw a nice Witco barstool for $100.
Also saw a Witco wall plaque for cheap, it was a ship motif & ultra wacky.
Scored a nice old hand carved 20"+ tiki & some Kowloon moai shakers for myself. (yay!)
Prices were pretty much market value or over for most stuff, which was kind of a drag.


I passed on the Alameda event this month. I have noticed the chance to score a decent bargain there as "slim and none"...with Slim departing on the last Daly City BART train.

Glad to hear you acquired those Kowloon shakers, nice itmes.

Overall, I fear the "agressive bidding" found on ebay has tainted many sellers' notions of what Tiki paraphenalia can bring. Just one too many $50 Trader Vic skull mugs for me to make the trip across the Bay.

Still sort of wish I went though...you never know, there could have been a bargain! Ha haha.


The Alameda has gotten pretty picked-over as far as Tikis go. I have friends that have been going earlier and earlier try to beat each other, and me, to any mugs.

Prices have been definately getting higher! Are you sure you really want to share your Tiki sources with everybody on this list? :D


Do you guys have a favorite Bay Area flea market? I pretty much confine myself to the Sebastapol Market and my local Goodwill, but I've been thinking of expanding.

There seem to be so many, I wondered of anyone had a preference. Not just for tiki stuff, for for general kitsch.

Thanks in advance!


Bay Area tiki sources? Apart from Goodwill, Salvation Army...a perrenial "lose-lose" operation for me.

I got bupkiss, actually worse than bupkiss. I live in SF and w/o an auto, so I am resigned to a limited search perimeter. The "Other Shop" in SF o divisadero has had some great stuff. As long as one does not mind paying "Aloha Cruz" retail. Now there's some predatory pricing, that guy's got nerve!

Alameda, Cow Palace twice a year, and San Mateo fair is about it for me. Hence my reliance on "alterior" methods of finding things for reasonable prices.

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