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San Luis Obispo tiki?

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I am going to be in San Luis Obispo this weekend. I seems to recall mention of a tiki bar there, but I can't find anything about it on JT's tiki bar review pages. I know there is a Kon Tiki Inn in Pismo, but I think that is a hotel. Is there a tiki bar there? Anyone have any info on this?


The tiki bar you are thinking of is the Harbor Hut in Morro Bay, just over the hills from San Luis Obispo. It's not that great, but there are plenty of tacky seaside shops that have good decorative things, like shells, nets and floats. Here's my review from JTs pages:

Harbor Hut, 1205 Embarcadero, Morro Bay, CA, 805-772-2255
Martin writes: The Harbor Hut in Morro Bay was clearly once much more tiki, but has fallen on dull times. Like many seaside restaurants, it's just an average quality seafood restaurant, but you can see the former greatness. The exterior has a great classic shape, there are a few large tiki's outside, and some great door handles, but inside, it's very restrained nautical decor. We sat at the bar, and I asked if they had a specialty drink menu. He looked at me like I was a bit of an idiot, and said that the only drink they had like that was this big special written on the board. I'm sorry to say I've forgotten the name of it, but if you go, it's served in a huge glass mug (about 30 oz) with a cheap plastic monkey hanging off the side. It's also not very good, much too sweet, but with a fair amount of booze, so it did the trick. A couple of oysters on the half shell were a tasty snack as well. There is a take out fish and chips place on the property called The Little Hut. It's outside next to the tikis and might be a better bet for ambiance.

Also- No trip to SLO is complete without a visit to The Madonna Inn. If you're not staying there already, you must at least check it out. Have a drink in the bar, and pee in the rock waterfall urinals downstairs. It puts all other campy roadside destinations to shame.

Downtown SLO isn't too bad either. Found some good BBQ, and SLO Brewing Company is OK if you like brewpubs. Also- I haven't seen it, but there is supposed to be an alley that is completely covered wall to wall in chewed bubble gum. Check it out!



OK, thanks! I got down the info on the Harbor Hut. Sounds like the Kon Tiki won't be worth the detour. I will be staying at the Madonna. We've got the big suite (Harvard Square) for the night.

Thanks again.


stayed at Madonna Inn on a budget but if you gots the money get the kona room (witcos!!)


My grandparents used to live a few blocks from the Harbor Hut and I grew up eating steamed clams there. I love Morro Bay!

This is one of my favorite tikis, fund outside the Harbor Hut.


Creeky Tiki
782 Higuera Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

never been, but my cousins saw this...and thought of me!

I live in Pismo Beach which is 15 miles south of SLO. There is nothing to special about Creeky Tiki. Ya! It's got Tikis in there but it's more of a surf pub then a Tiki bar. I ate there once too and it was not that good. Drinks are typical of the average bar. The owner does buy Tiki farm mugs though. Who knows whats in store for the future of this place.

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