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(Chiki) Tiki Diablo in Berlin

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Hey- More pics later of our bar and the Richtfest (roof raising) party next weekend. King Kukulele will be there with his lederhosen and grass skirt making the German girls crazy, and we have Danny boy carving up sawdust storm! We are almost ready to decorate and Danny is making good time with two down and four to go!

Hey Kaiser,

It's about time for an update. So far, looks good. How did the mugs turn out?

The mugs are sculpted, we're trying to do everything at once- I'll post 'em when they're ready (hopefully soon). Our website should soon be up with before and after pictures. We're shooting for a mid-April opening.

YEAH Danny! Yeah April and Stefan! The first true Tiki Bar in Berlin, (and just in time for me for shooting there this summer). Wish I could be there now and see it all come together.
Best Wishes, Sven


Great Carving, Danny. Can't wait to see it for real.

Europe is too cool! I am having a blast here but miss the familia. My hosts are awesome here and I am soo happy for them to be making a dream a reality. The bar is going to be the best in Germany for sure! I'll paost pics later.

At this very moment a TV film crew is filming the Kaiserstyles at home and they got me carving and talking about my take on TIKI. This show also has an interview with Moritz the Great. This is going to to be on the arts channel in France and Germany. I hope I didn't have anything in my teeth!

If those carvings are any indication, Tiki Diablo will be one very cool place.

Chiki -Those carvings look awesome!
You're the master in LA and, apparently, europe too!
Now, lets see...this makes 2 new bars we all have to hit real soon. 1 in Georgia and 1 in Berlin.
Can't wait to see the pics of the bar!

"Hey, at least I'm housebroken."

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SES posted on Wed, Mar 10, 2004 12:28 PM


Looks fantastic! Keep carving!
I'll be in Pforzheim April 1,2,3...

One of my band friends just asked if I had any music connections in Germany and Italy because they would love to play there. Any ideas?

The camera crews have come and gone...Sven, why weren't you here to take over for that poor intern holding the big 'ol camera? No, it was fun, the bar and Danny got some publicity and Moritz R. was great as always. Mr. Kaiserstyle was eloquent but I kept talking about rum. I sweet talked the director guy into giving us a dvd of the program when it's finished, and I'll try to find time to copy it when it gets here. It'll be featuring the Berlin tiki scene with some great personalities, including Rock-a-tiki and Gordon W. doing a tiki cooking show. I can't wait to hear how they translated me. (I refuse to speak German on camera, my American accent bugs me enough on the answering machine!) And nicefishy, Danny is tiki diablo, not the name of our bar! :)

And nicefishy, Danny is tiki diablo, not the name of our bar!

Oops. Sorry Danny.

So what is the name of the bar?

oops double post

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Ah ha! The guestion arises. Well, due to my laziness I am still in the process of registering things. So lets leave that until I post the pics from our party Sat. and our website, ok? (SOON!) A couple people are in on it, I talked Big Bro's ear off at the "Rum Trader" but I'm going for the Grand Unveiling thing.
-Mrs. Kaiserstyle

Wait, it's not gonna be "Das Tiki-Ti East"!?

Danny ,you little shit!, I can't believe you beat me to the fatherland!!. I am green with envy. I know you will make me proud and keep mein volk happy with your work. TWT


hey hey Danny, tikis are looking great! The logs look like the balsa logs Thor cut down to send down river to assemble the almighty Kon Tiki. Hows the shoulders and wrist holding up? After only one day of a carving demo with hammer and chissel, my shoulder feels like its gonna fall off. I don't know how you do it bruddah. I bet you can't wait to get back to carve the soft timbers of the Mexican fan palm, eh? All I can say about your return is,.... you won't have to worry about a "supply" for a LONG time! Have a great time there! Make sure to leave the carving pit once in a while too. Remember to check out the Moai in London that got jacked from Rapanui, and caused the demise of the Birdman cult... the petroglyphs on the back tell it all, carved hundreds of years after the moai was carved! Dude, I'd like to see you carving in a LederHoZen(sp?) for the next pics!!! Later Kaiserstyle, chiki and his chicky.

Yet another picture of the man himself.

"Are you doing a self-portrait, Mr. Tiki-Diablo?"

Seeing what's developing in the rooms of the future Tabou Tiki Room kicks. It's like the winter ends at last. On Saturday there will be "Richtfest" - construction party. Respect to April and Stefan and Danny! Greetings to Bigbrotiki for sharing the latest knowledge of "how to tiki"!

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Very exciting news indeed! This looks like it's going to end up being a top notch Tiki bar, and bang in the middle of Europe too! If any DVD copies of the German Tiki scene can be made available, please let me (us) know.

Trader Woody

Ok, someone (Professor! Great chicken by the way) let the secret out...The newest European tiki bar will be called the "Tabou Tiki Room". Hopefully we'll see some of you there Saturday night!


Sure I'll be right Over. Those Tikis lookm dynamite, wish I Was going. Keep up the good work


holy danny!

i am flabbergasted baby...oops i crapped my pants...

my god




can't WAIT to see DIABLO's choice pix of the trip...can't wait to buy you a chichi DG!


Yesterday was really cool! Everybody was really nice, and even in this state of incompleteness it was an inspiration to be there. The Tikis are great, the uke guy was a blast. With all the people being so into it here in Berlin it looks like kaiserstyle is creating something really fantastic for Berlin! Germany! Europe! It’s a big piece in the Tiki puzzle coming together.



When is the next bus over?


Many thanks to April and Stephan for having me over and giving me the chance of "first sight". Further it was such a pleasure meeting Diablo and his "wifey" and of course King Kuku. This was the the starting crackle of the Berlin Tiki avalanche.


Oh, I forgot. This one is to Danny: Tschüssiiiiiie!!!!!!


How funny! The tapa on the wall behind Danny is the same stuff we put up at Hale Tiki! There must be miles of it! Same trees, same lion, same tapa.

CHUSSIE CHUUU, JOE! Great to meet you and can't wait to meet the better half(your wife). This place is going to be out of sight old-school Tikay! Swanky, we said the exact same thing about the tapa. Kuke was riding a tiki like, well..... I'll just leave that one alone. The Kaisers are the BEST!!!! and I am going to get misty when they drop us off at the airport. It is amazing how well we all got along. Sadly we will move on to London and carve one hell of a tiki For Heilco at the famed South LOndon Pacific. Moritz and I are going to do a co-piece together for the bar! Moritz you are too cool for the cold!

Yeah Swanky, we noticed a couple days ago when we saw the Hale Tiki pictures. We also noticed we have the same tapa (another piece) as Trader Vic's Berlin! Circles... Today Mr. Kaiserstyle and I got the phone call. The panicked one that says "Someone broke in and stole all your stuff!" My first thought was for the tikis, but I guess the theives respected the 6 Gods that Chiki carved and just stole a couple thousand Euros in tools and our digital camera with the pictures from the party (Don't worry Moritz, they left the Exotica!)The police say our tools are already at a building site in Poland. Ok. Deep breath and forward. We should be opening the Tabou Tiki Room in the 2nd week of April. Chiki and wife I miss you guys already.
-Mrs. Kaiserstyle


Tiki will punish the thieves! Damn, I am sorry that happened. Dear Kaiserstyles, thanks for the kind words on my "armchair travelling" thread. Here is an oldschool tiki family portrait from this weekend in Berlin. Ah, and Chiki Wife, my wife loved the tees and says many thanks and that the island sun may always shine upon you. Have a great time in London. Dear Kaiserstyles please spread the tiki gospel througout the country.

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April, that thievery sucks! You were probably not insured, right? I command the wrath of Tiki on these Taboo breakers, it will sweep down on them like the sandstorm face in the Mummy II, til every last tool and item is replaced!

Oh, and why does King Kuku always look like he is pushing himself into the foreground of each picture?

Hi Benzart, happy to hear you want to come out here because we love your work. Do you have your passport ready to visit this summer for some carving?


kaiserstyle, I really wish I could come over there and carve some pieces for you. Unfortunately, I am past the point where i could do this on any extended length of time. I'm Carvin' on borrowed time. I can only do it part time sometimes. Right now I'm Re-learning how to carve. You would be surprised how much you forget after 10 years. You forget the hundreds of dollars in tools that you Used to have are needed again.
I'm just happy to be doing as much as I am and hopefully I an keep it up for awhile.
Thanks for the praise.
(I never did find out when the next bus was)

Cool pics, keep on posting! :)

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