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Hala Kahiki - Gift Shop - Matchbook Winners List...

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Stopped by the Hala Kahiki gift shop and in the window they had one of those 4-5 foot United Airlines Tikis that everyone was talking about recently. That's a pretty big tiki. As far as I could tell it wasn't for sale, and I'm so broke right now I couldn't have made an offer anyhow. My other discovery was in the back of the store... looked to be a Witco llama? Definately the style of Witco so I don't know who else could have done it, and on the sides of it was animal hair, black and white. The top where the head was looked to be a carved table top. Never seen anything like this, yet with the extensive collection of Witco the Hala Kahiki has it doesn't surprise me.

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That UA tiki and the Witco llama have both been there for years.

Tust me: myself, Duke, Dave K, Dave L, and all the rest of the gang made our individual offers on these items years ago and were also all flatly turned down.

As for matchbooks: most serious collectors will tell you to rip out the matches, but personally I find it impossible to purposely destroy anything old (not that these particular HK matches you speak of are old).


How funny is this-I was there yesterday!Not for the bar-my nine year old daughter was with me-just the shop.I bought a volcano bowl,a couple of mugs,two blue plastic seahorses,some floats,and the goofiest looking pirate coconut head.The coconut is kind of crosseyed,and he has a striped babushka that's been nailed into it's head.I love the fun lamps that are made of bamboo,but,alas,are not for sale.Damn! Had a old business card that gave the hours as opening (the shop)at one thirty on Saturdays.We arrived at two,so went the half block down to Gene and Jude's for lunch.Helped to pass the time-you wait for quite a while.Am looking forward to going for drinks some night-I've peeked into the bar and I bet it's gorgeous all lit up.Some day soon!

There was a tag on the llama... from what I could make out it read $500...

That UA tiki would be quite a prize!


I saw that tag also when I was there @ Exotica. Apparently though, as JT says, he's not going anywhere.

Winners of the Matchbooks are as follows...

Feelin' Zombified (PM me your mailing address)
PolyPop (Need your address PM'ed again)
8FT Tiki
weirduncletiki (PM me your mailing address)

I'm happy to help out your collections... and I will accept a matchbook in return from those who offered... Mahalo! I'll send the matchbooks out Monday afternoon!

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hey LS,

I was also at Hala Kahiki this weekend, Friday. I too noticed the UA Tiki which I had never noticed before. Then again, every time I am in the gift shop, i have usually had a few too many Singapore Slings.

They had a small little table in there this time with some damaged and discounted CoCo Joe statues. I picked up one of the 12" Tahitian Dancer #26-056 statues for $8.00 from the original price of $25.00. All that was wrong with it was a small chip on the side of her. After a dab with a black magic marker, she was like new.

tiki junkman

Thanks Lake.

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