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Hawaiian food in the Bay Area

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Wow! I found this while surfing today:

Great sources for luau foods. I didn't know there were so many places to get Hawaiian food around here. I'll definately be checking out the L&L Barbeque in San Pablo!

i have a print out of those restaurants in my car!
A Touch of Aloha Family Restaurant: isn't gourmet food, but its fresh and tasty ~ and all you can eat!! the atmosphere is family friendly
Portuguese Bakery call to find out when the malasadas are made. we went and ate the cold ones. not nearly the taste sensation they're meant to be!
E Komo Mai Hawaiian Restaurant YUMMY ~ my cousin had a BIG hulking portion of kalua pork, sweet, smoky..and you KNOW full o fat..but MMMMM and a moco loco. i had a plate lunch, Karaage & teri chicken ~ and they serve a bowl of the BEST goldfish crackers, not at all like pepperage farms!

damnit.i hate living 90 miles from civilization!!


I've tried two places on that page so far -- the Hawaiian Drive Inn on El Camino in Redwood City (cheap, fast, a little greasy, no atmosphere so take out if you go) and Island Barbeque in San Mateo (great food, cozy atmosphere, nicely decorated, and full tables both times I went).

Anyone been here:

Doesn't seem too tiki, more authentic Hawaiian. The little movie on the homepage showed a bamboo bar and a few tiki mugs.


What's up with their drink menu having one rum drink and the rest Vodka drinks? I associate Vodka drinks with 70s and 80s "mixed drinks" era, when cocktails were a dying art. Thankfully, cocktails have been back for a while. So isn't it time to quit drinking these tasteless Vodka drinks? Pass the gin please.


Well, it says the music is Jawaiian, so i guess you know what you're in for.


It's right by my house and I haven't gone. They used to be a small annex of a japanese restaurant in Japantown, and moved over to Masonic recently. I'll check it out soon and give a full report.


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