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Santa Barbara Surfing Museum, Santa Barbara, CA (other)

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Name:Santa Barbara Surfing Museum
Street:16-C Helena Avenue
City:Santa Barbara
Phone:805 962-9048

The Santa Barbara Surfing Museum is a little hard to find, but guests will be rewarded with a view of a fine collection of vintage surfing and Hawaiiana memorbilia. There is a large tiki out front to greet visitors and many more inside. In addition, guests can view a surfboard used by Gidget (the real one, not Sally Field) as well as the "Charly-don't-surf!" surfboard from "Apocalypse Now" (alledgedly the most recognized surfboard in the world). There is also a display of vintage surf-rock album covers, ukuleles, and did we mention tiki stuff? Several vintage carvings, mugs, and even a vintage home bar are all on display. The walls and ceiling are all covered in bamboo, and floor is painted with tribal designs, giving one the impression of the Pacific Islands or, at the very least, a very good tiki bar.

The museum is only open on Sunday from 12-5, but admission is free.

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Just wanted to add that I had long been by the museum and seen the big tiki and wanted to go in, but b/c of the weird hours I always forgot about it. This was my first time there and it exceeded my expectations! I expected some vintage surfboards, posters, and album covers and that was about it. There was that and so much more. There's even a tongue-in-cheek recreation of the Silver Surfer's silver surfboard ("The fastest surfboard in the universe, can travel 7 times faster than the speed of light."). And of course, tons of tiki and Polynesian Pop or else I wouldn't be mentioning it to you. One final thing to mention, the museum is very small, but it is PACKED with stuff. Again, I was impressed.

Now, anyone have a camera that can come up and take pictures?

I'll have to stop by and check it out. If I do, I'll bring my camera for some pics.


The 2 largest tikis inside are carved by Ventura Local Greg. He's an ornary old dude that sometimes sells in La Conchita, but not to be mistaken for ZZ Zackery who sells there, but is from Visalia. The Tall tiki in the back right is hollowed out from the mouth to the head which was used for a drum, a New Hebrides and Caledonia invention I believe! The owner was playing a uke while I was there, great place to go!


The surfing Museum is really very cool. I think the owners name was Jim. Super cool friendly dude, he told us in depth about each thing we asked about. He is very knowledgable and has tons of surf and Hawaiiana collectibles. It's true, the museum is only open on Sunday from 12-5 and it can be hard to find. Many of the locals I asked had never heard of the street called Helena. The street is short and it dead ends. It is between State St. and Anacapa. If you are in a car, you can only get to it from Shoreline Drive. The museum is behind the Rusty's pizza light house near the beach and Stearns wharf.

Some pics:

Chongolia and Jim (?) in front of the "real" surfboard used in Apocolypse Now.

Hawaiian goodies

Lots of ukes!

Surf Records

Some of my favorite things; tikis, ukuleles and surfboards.

Thanks for peekin'

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