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aloha, for a while...

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Dear all:

I know I've been silent and haven't even said a proper goodbye or explained myself. Life has been busy... but that doesn't explain the half of it, suffice to say I've been retraining (trying to break into computer classroom instruction rather than web design and troubleshooting), baby is ever more mobile, and we have just sold our condo and bought a house. So, in the delicate phraseology of an old pal of mine "I haven't had time to wipe".

But here I am again, just wanna give thanks and respect due to all for many months of fun, controversy, and always-helpful advice. I always like to leave with a song, so please check out this musical effort of mine at http://zed.cbc.ca/go.ZeD?CONTENT_ID=46753&FILTER_KEY=4418&page=content . I will likely pop up once in a while, but until then, everyone take care, look forward to the coming Spring, and always, ALWAYS accentuate the positive.

Mike (emspace) Anderson.



You're one of the few I think I could hang with (and would want to hang with me)on TC.

Keep in touch.

A hui hou!

We'll miss you, emspace! Don't stay gone too long, ya hear?



We'll leave the light on for you bro,

Missing you like mad, Michael. Sounds like exciting times for the emspace clan. Best of luck always.

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One voice of reason more that is gone from this world...a loss!

pablus posted on Mon, Mar 8, 2004 7:19 PM

Don't let 'em push you around.

Cool sounds - like Electro Exotica.

See you in BC.


Love y'all! What, me a voice or reason? I like the sound of that, maybe I'll try it on for a while Sven!


Mrs. B posted on Mon, Mar 8, 2004 9:34 PM

He's back.


Thanks for the sone EM, it is just plain Lovely. Aloha

very sad

au reserviour, em. j$


Dont let the door hit you in the arse on the way out!

Ah, just kidding, you know I give you mad props! You're my number one west coast man!

Hey Emspace,

I know I'll miss ya. Yr one of the first to welcome me here. I'll never forget that. Good luck to you and the family. And do hurry back when you can.



Man em! Do you feel the love or what. The persona (non grata) of Bong would also get a rousing send off if I were to depart, but at the end of a boot!

Moving house? Don't even get me started. I know how THAT goes! Anyway, with a bit of luck things will start to settle down and you'll get a bit more time to throw back the Mai Tai's with your old pals at TC.

Trader Woody


On 2004-03-09 13:34, Tiki_Bong wrote:
The persona (non grata) of Bong would also get a rousing send off if I were to depart, but at the end of a boot!

Further evidence that Tiki_Bong can foretell the future.

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