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Tiki Apartments in orange county

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I found a fine looking polynesian style apartment complex, with a-frames and the works, near Tustin ave, but on Santa Clara st. in the city of santa ana, right near the fairhaven cemetary and almost directly across from the CHP office..

Has anyone ever compiled a list of all known tiki apartments in orange county? Or are there just too many to count? As I drive through anaheim and stanton and cypress, I keep finding them! (I found a chinese -named apt the other day, but done in tiki style, with yes, tiki fonts. I think this one was near lampson and beach)
Man, I wish they would still build these, or at least not turn them into HUD housing, where people strip and erase all the former glory!!

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Yes, even in Costa Mesa, there are a few hints of remaining apartment architecture left. I have found that most have been modified over the years, and you really have to use your imagination to "see" what the apartments were once like.

Here is my perspective on finding Tiki & Asian style apartments:

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