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Not so Quiet Village

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I was listening to this great album on the way home tonight and I just thought I'd share this alternative version of Quiet Village by the Man who wrote the Theme from Mannix and the score to Bullitt among other classics... Lalo Schifrin

You can hear a sound sample at Amazon
There are also 2 versions of Baia and 1 of Tabu on this cool album. I recommend it. PROOF that you CAN play stuff other than PURE exotica in your tiki bar!

Sven gave me a copy of the Exotica Trilogy 1 and 2, but this version is not on those cds...
Speaking of which, does anyone remember the night that DJ Cyrano and Senor Amor played Quiet Village for a solid hour on their show Molotov Cocktail on KXLU? Of course they were all different versions. It was a supreme and sublime show.

That sounds like the PORN soundtrack version! Bow-wacka-wow,wacka-wacka-wacka-wacka wow.

(I'll stay away from the "his big tiki" jokes)


Don't forget Rod McKuen's wacky 'answer' record, "Noisy Village."

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