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New Moon-Rays CD w/"Thrillville"

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Not sure where this goes or if it qualifies as "spam" - Mig, Hanford, you wanna nix it, I'll take no offense. Just a heads up for all fans of lounge/surf/cool music as well as monsters and spies, with a little plug for me but hey, most people here know I give as good as I get, tiki-wise. Again, if I am offending anyone's sense of proper web etiquette hereabouts, I apologize in advance:

Chicago's coolest band The Moon-Rays are now releasing their latest CD, "The Ghouls Go West," including the full length version of my theme song, "Thrillville." You can sample tracks here:

Or just go to http://www.moon-rays.com. They have also been tapped to provide the soundtrack for the upcoming doc on TV horror hosts, "American Scary"

On a related self-promotional/friend promotional tiki-tinged front: in the upcoming new issue of Shannon Wheeler's "Too Much Coffee Man" magazine, there's an article by yours truly on modern tiki culture called "Mai Tai Generation," if he kept the title, including a nifty tiki rendering by Shannon himself. I'll probably be giving away copies of both the magazine and the CD at Tiki Oasis this year. Regrettably we will be in Mexico throughout this year's SF Bay Area Tiki Crawl.



Check out the Quiet village touch they give "Dark Shadows"!


Geez, there are so many cool bands in other places!

I wish I could see these bands here, in SoCal!!

On the hipster scale these guys are for sure a 10! In a musical world of Rap, punk, and techno-pop, bands like this are a breath of fresh air. This CD is a must have if your at all into the bachelor pad, exotica, spooky soundtrack side of things. "Dark Shadows", and "the Hanging Tree", A+++

Pages: 1 3 replies