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Islands Restaurant @ Hanalei - San Diego

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I took these pics during a weekend getaway down to San Diego aroung 1995ish and have not been back since. I know the hotel has changed somewhat since then, how much has the Islands restaurant changed from these pics?

The front entrance

The back entrance

Found this guy hiding along the side of the building out in the parking lot

Of course we made a stop into Trader Mort's on our way over to Shelter Island


On 2004-03-14 11:56, ZuluMagoo wrote:
how much has the Islands restaurant changed from these pics?

A lot.

See other posts on TC and TRT for details.

I was there a few weeks back, the Islands restaurant has not substantially changed since your photos.

The whole A-frame entrance, with it's lava rock /Tridacna shell waterfall and Tiki faced spear fence is gone and replaced by a bland stucco box porte cochere. The great themed sign is gone (BOT p.204)

The Bar by the entrance is altered, rare Luau Tikis have dissappeared.

The great booths in the restaurant, with their backlit Maori Tikis and weapons, have dissappeared to have a fake wall put into the place in order to make a seperate, bland, bare bones budget banquet room.

Many Beachcomber lamps have dissappeared, though the fishnet floats in the bamboo/rattan skylight were still there last.

Amazingly so, the waterways crossed by Tiki post bridges have been left intact in what remains of the initially larger restaurant.
This makes The Islands one of the last Tiki Temples that retains this once very common feature of Polynesian Palaces across America.


I took some pictures over Thanksgiving weekend, you can see them here:


The Islands pics start right after the Trader Mort's ones, and continue to the next page.

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