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How long of a tiki production run?

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skaz posted on Sun, Mar 14, 2004 7:14 PM


Could anyone tell me if there is an approximate production run that Orchids of Hawaii did for their mugs? I know that R-5 etc...corresponds with a production run, but what is the scale? How high does the number generally go? I know there isn't any set number, but could anyone give me any info?

Uhhh....? (Passes out....)

On 2004-03-14 19:14, skaz wrote:

I know that R-5 etc...corresponds with a production run,

Actually R-5 is an order number like in "give me a case of those R-5 tiki mugs", But how many tiki mugs were produced by Orchids of Hawaii is anyones guess, but since their 1974 catalouge states that they had produced their "Leilani" in such great amounts that "if they were laid end to end they would encircle the globe three times over".


I would guess the production runs vary depending on the popularity of the item. That is why they Always keep the "Master" piece, so the moulds are always first generation.

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