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Poly-pop style motel in Cocoa Beach gets a spruce-up

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I stayed there this past Sept for a week, it was GREAT!!

looks nice, any more details? like, whats it like inside? is there a pool? oops, me and my big fingers. i forgot to click and look before i wrote. but anyway, tell us your personal experience.

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The rooms are like apartments, large living room and bath, 2 bedrooms, dining room, kitchen. Clean. Courtyard garden is GORGEOUS! Bamboo, banana trees, many tropical flowering plants tended by full time gardener. Pool is large, surrounded by lush greenery. There is a shower near the pool, called The Big Kahuna. It is a large fiberglass tiki with a showerhead in its mouth. A smaller tiki holds the one/off handle. Very neat! There is a thatch hut in the courtyard and a tiki peaks out from the greenery. Beach is great, its right across a little service road in the rear. A very nice place, but actual tikis are few. They need a few more. But I highly recommend staying there.

Can anyone tell me what the name of this place is? The article posted here is no longer available on-line. I am planning a mid-April trip to cocoa beach and would like to check out all things Tiki in the area.


*tikimitch wrote:
Can anyone tell me what the name of this place is? The article posted here is no longer available on-line. I am planning a mid-April trip to cocoa beach and would like to check out all things Tiki in the area.

I think it might be referring Wakulla Suites, but cannot say for certain. I as born in Cocoa Beach Hospital and the Cape is my hometown. I'll be headed back "home" for a family reunion this Summer and thought of staying at Wakulla. I've read up on the property and it gets pretty solid reviews. Good for families, lots of room in those suites. It ain't a Ritz, but we are talking Cocoa Beach here. The great thing about Cocoa Beach, it's not Cape Canaveral.

Tiki-wise...a visit to Wayne's place would be in order.

spaceboy midnite...you can take the boy out Canaveral but ya can't take the cracker out of me. Where's my grinching stick?


Yes, it is the Wakulla suites.

I havent walked around the property myself, but driving by it looks like a clean place to stay. It got a full makeover around the time of my first post.

There are some tiki spots in the area, but mostly Mai-Tiki type tikis.. not really any tiki bars per say, but "tiki" is a common theme seen all around the Space Coast- tons of them everywhere- mailboxes, yards, businesses- they all seem to have the tiki thing going.

If you are looking for things to do in the area, I know Brevard County very well.. I can give you recommendations for just about anything you'd want to do.

If you're into surfing, this is a great place for it.




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Found this page with some good pics:


It has that light and airy touch, very "happy", very mall-y, a la Downtown Disney.

Stayed there about a year ago, before the paint job, and was thoughly pleased. The rooms are HUGH. My family of 4 was very comfortable. There are two sections - the pool area and the beach area. We were by the pool. There a few tikis around the property butthe most prominant is a Tiki shower by the pool. Its in a great location with plenty of food and shopping in the general area (Donuts and Ice Cream across the street for the munchies). i wuld recommend this place for anyone looking for a nice family hotel on the beach.

You should visit Wayne Coombs in Cocoa Beach - he has the original sign for this place behind his shop. It's amazing!

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