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New Tiki establishment in the Chicago area

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This is an e-mail that Otto received, I do not know anything more about this and did not see the rendering. Tought I'd start a post where locals with news/knowledge about it can share their views:


First off I am a fan and loyal follower of your work & that of the
Tiki culture. I look forward to to your email newsletter weekly.

We are designing and building a 12000 sq ft restaurant and bar in a
suburb of Chicago. I though you may want to get a first look at the
building. This is a computer rendering of the building on the actual
site. You should be able to tell where we're going with the design
of this building.

Palm trees inside and out, and a 2500 gallon black tip shark tank in
the bar. Let me know if you have any interest in knowing more about
it. The name of the place is also going through a change.

Keep up the great work on Tiki!



is this the chef from Vermont?

Well, since I live in the area, I am very happy and interested. If/when the building is built I would love to take photos of the outside to share with TC! Could you find out what suburb it's going to be in?

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