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NEW FEATURE: Email Delivery of Tiki Central Messages

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So, after working on it pretty much all week, I are ready to test a new feature for Tiki Central:


Yes, just like Yahoo Clubs, you can now subscribe to have Tiki Central Topics and Replies to be emailed to you! You still have to reply via the Web interface, but that's the way Clubs worked too.


This is still in the testing phase. Although I've been working on it for a week and have been testing it constantly, there may be some bugs/glitches. I ask that anyone who signs up:

*Realizes this is still in the testing phase.
*Reports problems with it to me.
*Really, really, wants the messages delivered to their email address. (since removal is pretty much a manual process at this point.)

To sign up, please visit the following link:



As I attempt to deliver new features to bring the new Tiki Central up to par with the features of Yahoo, there are BOUND to be some glitches. While I've tested it as best I could, there's always a possibility that the changes I've made could bring this board down temporarily. PLEASE bare with me if that happens. I'm only human, and it is pretty much impossible to not stumble at some point along the way.



I'd like very much to have e-mail delivery of Tiki Central messages but I'll heed your warning and wait until stopping such delivery is easier just in case there's a tidal wave of e-mail on topics which say nothing to me about my life (Such as "Is Avon's Coral Red a TRUE Tiki lipstick color?")
On a more personal note, Mr Lemoore, please stop with the bowing and apologizing about any supposed or possible shortcomings of this new Tiki Central site. I think everyone here would agree you're doing a helluva job and we're all highly aware that you've only just begun. And whining is down 100% from when Tiki Central was a Yahoo! group...It's as if you created a Tiki shaped pacifier.

Thanks Woofmutt... although stopping Email delivery is easy, it's just, well, it can take 48 hours! :wink:

I don't know when I'll have the automated removal of names from the list though. That's a chapter I haven't gotten to yet!


Woofmutt (and everyone else here) if you recieved Tiki Central messages by email when TC was a Yahoo Club or a Group, then I don't think you have much to worry about with signing up here for it. I'd rather have more people testing it now than not.

The emails that are sent out are similarly formatted, with [Tiki Central] in the title (and also the forum name if it's not the main forum). They include links to both view the thread of messages, and to post a reply, and the Name the email comes from is the username of the member who wrote it (although the email address is [email protected]).

The reason I originally wrote that you should really, really make sure you want it is becuase (A) I wasn't sure if I was going to get flooded with people who added themselves to the list, got overloaded with emails in their inbox, and decided to be removed. That definitely didn't happen.

Also, if you sign up for mail delivery to a yahoo mail account, you automatically recieve instructions on how to divert all Tiki Central email to a seperate folder (something you can do with most email accounts actually, but this includes specific instructions for Yahoo mail).


Thanks Hanford! You're the most!

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