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New Tiki restaurant in Orlando, Florida

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This is an e-mail that Otto received, I do not know more about it. I am opening this post as a forum for Florida locals to report their findings and opinions about this establishment:

Dear Otto,

I subscribed to your e-mail newsletter a few weeks ago and am fascinated by
all the events taking place in the tiki-world! I am the marketing & sales
manager for 6 bars & restaurants on a little pedestrian plaza in downtown
Orlando. We are in the process of renovating the last unoccupied building
on our plaza into two new venues. Upstairs will be the "Monkey Bar", a cool
& breezy, dimly-lit lounge and outside balcony featuring a few Shag
renditions. Downstairs we are designing a retro tiki-lounge called
"Wai-tiki", a kitchy-cool tiki lounge much like the "Rock-a-tiki" in Chicago
(sorry to hear about the closing, we love the pictures online). This is a
huge project for us...the building itself was a BIG investment and
attempting to fashion an original and cool tiki lounge (in a city like
Orlando) is not an easy task. I would love to send you some photos and
promotion ideas along the way. Your input and opinions would be most


Julia Bessire
Sales & Marketing Manager
Wall Street Plaza
[email protected]
Cell: (407) 963.5350
Office: (407) 849.0471

Wall St. Plaza is a bunch of yuppie type themed bars. It's not to bad and I actually go there once in a while, but I would be surprised if a tiki bar there would be in true tiki bar tradition. I imagine that it will be like the rest of the bars in that area with the same drinks exept for a couple specialty drinks and decorated in polynesian style. This is just my opinion. I'll let you know for sure at a later date.

Original Art by Flounder


[ Edited by: FLOUNDERart on 2004-03-19 15:51 ]

I think this is the place Mai-Tiki was working on. If so, it's been in the works awhile. Flounder is right about the location. It's a late night, young person's scene.

Rock-A-Tiki in Chicago is closed?


I have WaiTiki on this years list of places to hit while in Orlando. I have to check out their : krispy kreme bread pudding drizzled with cruzan rum butter sauce. Mmmmmmm :D

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