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http://www.OCWEEKLY.com Nice article and cover. When he opens the "Shag School of Marketing" I'll be the first in line. He's brilliant!


Maybe some dim bidder will not notice the "FREE" on the cover of the weekly. This one is a classic Ebay seller hubris case though:


I could go, hmmm, maybe $7.00, but not $9.99.

Bah ha ha ha HA HAH...ha!

The seller could have at least offered 2 UNWRINKLED copies. One for the buyer to keep with their other 'collectible' books & magazines, and one to frame.

S u g a r C a d d y D a d d y

That dude is high!!!
What a dork!!
If anyone has a copy look towards the back and check out under "special events" and you will see last Sundays Gathering gig. I was stoked to be in it with SHAG on the cover!! Perfect timing.

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