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Giant Moai Head in San Diego?

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This may be a bit strange - and the following pictures might seem a bit better if you have a couple of mai-tais first, but here goes.

While driving around late at night during my recent San Diego trip (Al driving, me a passenger) I noticed what appeared to be a giant Moai Easter Island Head lit up in the Valley below. I pointed it out to Al, who saw it too.

The giant head was near the intersection of I-8 and the Qualcomm/Texas Avenue, and was quite visible when driving down Texas Avenue from the higher Plateau above. The head was quite tall - perhaps 6-7 stories tall, one could make out the eyes, nose, and mouth (in an O-shape)- the overall shape was similar to a Moai head too. My curiousity arose, and I drove back later to take these pictures. The full 3-D effect at night is tough to capture on film, but just squint your eyes and think Giant Easter Island head.

It turns out the building was a clock tower for a nearby shopping center - one doesn't see too many Moai heads with an American flag flying overhead. But the overall effect/optical illusion was quite neat - how often does one get to see a giant Moai heads rising unexpectedly from the valley?


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the truth is out there.



I see dead tikis!!!

That's too cool.

Giant Moai head in San Diego.

No wonder Mr Moai moved there...

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