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A very Velour honeymoon

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The wedding is almost here! March 27th! Then it's off to the Hawaiian islands. We will be staying in Waikiki for 4 days then off to the North Shore of Kauai for a week! Then we finish up at Viva Las Vegas. I got the guide books and the Hawaiian vacation tips. We're all set. And as it has been said before, "so long suckers!"

The soon-to-be-tan Velours.


Shelley and will be leaving for Waikiki on April First. When are you leaving?

Have a good time, boss.
...and who are you callin suckas?


My and mine will be hooking up with Al & Shelly on Oahu for a couple of days on April 9 & 10.

When will you both be in the land of the over-priced lunch special?


Congratulations Johnnie and Miss Velour! I'm looking forward to seeing you in Vegas.

Bon Voyage and Aloha!

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Yeah, we're still on for drinks and grind at the Willows on the 10th.

We'll be in Waikiki from Mon. March 29 to Thurs April 1. We're flying to Kawai that afternoon so we may pass you in the airport!

Hey Velours - congrats, and have fun all of you. Hawaii + Vegas, sounds like one hell of a honeymoon.


Congratulations on the nuptials. A wonderful sendoff into the state of matrimony.

Love to hear your tiki perspective on Oahu - heading there myself this summer.

Though I've never been there myself, my hula teacher (a native) says she likes it best of the islands because it combines the natural beauty typical of the islands with a pretty decent nightlife for those who want the best of both worlds.

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