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tiki BBQ ruined by JB, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

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I ate at tiki BBQ in fountain valley...

Food was not too bad...about 5 bucks each plate..Mahi Mahi was good, and so was the spam and eggs over the hamburger!

There were approx 3-4 tiki's in the joint, but here is the painful part..they were playing BUFFET on the speaker system!!

Jee whiz!!!! How hard is it to put a hawaiian music CD on to add to the ambience, Huh? Huh? Huh?

Why Buffett?

marone!! Don't they know that I, tiki Mick, will retch and vomit if I hear that pathetic, mediocre junk anymore!

let the buffet wars begin again!!!!

Hey Buffet..are ya listening? VA FA EN CULO cheeseburger head!


Whew. I thought you meant James Brown. That JB is welcome in the tiki bar... sorta...

I was thinking Jon Bell who is constantely playing in my Tiki bar.

Or if you were into late '70's British SKA, JB style meant only one thing...James Bond. (sorry, I've been home sick all day watchin' the James Bond marathon on the Spike Channel).


Sock it to 'em, JB!

Kono posted on Wed, Mar 24, 2004 7:20 PM

I thought this was going to be about Jim Beam. How could Jim Beam ruin a barbeque??

If John Barrymore turned up at your bbq, it could be awkward... I mean he'd probably shamble around screaming "BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS!" and biting into the heads of guests. He might quotes some Shakespeare, but I think that the only way he'd show up is if he'd been turned into a zombie, he'd be more interested in "Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains!"


Perhaps some day Joan Baez and Jackson Browne will together record an LP of their hit acoustical guitar exotica classics

'The Night They Drank the Mai-Tais Down'
'Bamboo and Rust'
'Here Come Those Tikis Again'

and a few others.



Wheeww....glad it wasn't Joan Biaz...I hate that hippy folk crap....


Is there a reference to Rex Garvin & the Might Cravers on this thread?

and keep those darn jelly babies away from bbq's too!

Tiki Mick, are you a mafioso?

On 2004-03-25 11:47, limptiki wrote:
Tiki Mick, are you a mafioso?

Of COURSE not! but my real name does end in a vowel, and I tend to talk with my hands a lot, !!

And I love greasy fried peppers!

Nope, I am strictly a Tiki guy who hates the evil buffet and what he has done to erase true hawaiian style!

It's a sin, thatsa for sure!!!!

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