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Futon covers?

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Anybody know of any tapa-looking futon covers out there?

If not tapa, then something suitably tropical but not brightly colored. Dare I even hope for a tiki cover?

Thanks team.


my parents just bought one not to long ago that might work, it isn't tapa, but it is bark cloth, Hawaiian style print. it is black with palm leaves, some hiabiscis, and another flower. not sure were they got it, they found it some where on line. look under Futon covers or tropical futon covers. well hope this helps

Hey Martiki,
Yep, they're out there. I picked one up at the aloha swap meet and am using it as a temporary cover for my rattan couch.
Anyway, these links seem to have a little higher quality selection.




Mrs. FZ is currently sewing one together using a seagrass-looking fabric, not my first choice, but the fabric was free. We're sort of using this as a test run before buying something that actually costs alot. BTW, does anyone know of any tapa-style upholstery weight cotton fabric? I guess I mean actual mass produced fabric on a roll.



Cool. Thanks for the feedback.

Feelin' Zombified,

I think these have been posted before but here are some vendors of Upholstry Weight Bark Cloth (they run about $35.00/yard!):


Barkcloth Hawaii:


Contemporary Cloth:


S.N.F.U. - "Time To Buy A Futon"

my bed's one big, rocky lump
And my back, it always seems to ache
Whenever I partake in sex
The damn bed always breaks

Looks like it's time
Looks like it's time, time, time
You said it's time for what?
Yup, it's time to buy a futon

Why haven't I thought of this before?
After all, I'm surrounded by futon stores
It's the new wave of sleeping and I'm into new wave
Better get myself a futon today

Sorry, couldn't resist!
Trader Woody


On 2004-03-25 09:43, Atomic Cocktail wrote:
Feelin' Zombified,

I think these have been posted before but here are some vendors of Upholstry Weight Bark Cloth (they run about $35.00/yard!):

I can get some for anyone who wants nice vintage reproduction barkcloth for substantially less than that. We redid our rattan sofa and lounge chair in a cocnut palm print and it looks great. Good quality fabric too. Email us if you want details.


May I offer my assistance in making the futon cover?

--cyn, sewing geek

Thanks Atomic,

The ContemporaryCloth link was new to me. Some cool stuff. I have a specific tapa in my head... I have no clue where or when I saw before. I guess I'll know it when I see it (whenever I say that about something, it takes me 10 years to find it... ugh!)


(Yeah, I know it's bad form to post on a message board this soon after creating an account. Sorry.)

If you're looking for something not quite as unique as a handmade Barkcloth or Tapa futon cover, there's a website that sells futon covers called http://www.mostcovers.com/

Since I'm broke, lazy, and overworked, that's probably the route I'm going, anyways. I haven't ordered from them yet, but they do have an interesting selection of premade stuff.

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