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Must avoid: Tiki Room NYC

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Aloha folks-

'Nuther 'tiki' bar review from here in Gotham. I use the quotation marks in 'tiki' literally here because this is about a 'tiki' bar that belongs in quotation marks. I'll try to make this brief...the Tiki Room, located at 4 West 22 St. in New York City... sucks. This is basically a regular, regular bar with Tiki in it's name. Yeah, there is some cool design, but that doesn't take away from the sports bar feel that this bar posesses. In fact Tiki Room IS a sports bar. I won't go into a description of that, we all know what the sports bars are like. As I said there was some cool design, but I don't think that mattered to the several bloated sports fans that were watching something on ESPN on the three flat screen monitors that were hanging OVER the bar. This place reminded me of what was said about the Tiki Bar (I can't remember the name at the moment) in Tuscon that was talked about in "Tiki Road Trip". Anyway...don't go to this place unless you ike seeing a train wreck of your favorite past time...

Hey donhonyc-

Go ahead and post a locating tiki description, why dontcha - that way when we look up places in cities we're going to visit, it'll be there to remind us to NOT add it to our list of "Places I Must See in X City"!

(Sounds wretched, this bar!)


It's not my type of place either. Here's an old post about it:


Not trying to beat a dead tiki here but this says it ALL!

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