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Formikahini in NYC, Easter Weekend (at , um, Carnegie Hall)

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Ok, so I WISH the marquee would be reading: "Tonight: Alice Berry!" or "Tonight: Clouseaux", but the truth is, I'm singing with the choir at my school. Joining the choir onstage was the carrot offered to me and the other chaperone, who also sings. Yep, sometimes, chaperoning has sweet rewards!

Ours and a couple of other schools will be presenting John Rutter's "Magnificat" on Easter Sunday (2:00 in the afternoon), conducted by the composer himself.

For the bulk of the trip Thursday thru Monday, I will be doing the 'Miss Berry' thing, but there is a CHANCE that Saturday night I will have to myself, which means I will be achin' for a trip to Otto's Shrunken Head or some other such watering hole. I'd love nothing more than to meet up with some of the fine TC folks up there (whom I have yet to meet).

Hope we can do something together!

keep us updated.

i could probably steal away that saturday (the 11th, right?) to do something tiki.

friday night would probably work too.
sunday's a no go.

pm or email me & i'll give you my phone #, etc.

hope to see you!
tiki chris


I'm sorry that I'll have to miss you. I'll be at my folks in Connecticut for Easter. But have a great visit to my city!
manic Cat

It's looking good now for me to get some evening time off on Saturday, April 10th after all - Yay! Manic Cat, sorry you can't come out to play, but I'm looking forward to meeting you, Tiki Chris. Inky Louise, you gonna be around? Any other NYC area folks?

Trying to figure out how to sneak some tiki into Carnegie Hall. Maybe a honkin' big tiki necklace...


FORMIKAHINI Would like me to add " email me Today (Wednesday) or reach me on my cell phone
(713)992-8144 after today if there's a chance of meeting up with
me. I leave Thursday, probably no email the whole time." She is unable to access Tiki Central at this time and is still hoping to meet up with some of you New Yorkers!


FInally got my voice (aka posting ability) back!

Made it up and back to NYC and our gang kicked ASS at Carnegie Hall! Ok actually only the kids at our school and another did, but still it felt reeeeeaaal gooood to sing our hearts out on that stage!

I made it to Otto's Shrunken Head and met the observant and handsome Tasty SP (aka Steve, who runs Otto's). How's this for a good memory (after establishing that I was from Tiki Central, at which he blurted out to the bartender, "Hey! She's from Tiki Central!"):

tsp: "If you like tiki, we have a great band here on Mondays, Fisherman."
F: "Ah, they ARE great, but I don't live here."
tsp: "Where are you from?"
F: "Houston - I'm Formikahini."
tsp: "OOh! You're the one up here playing Carnegie Hall!"

Made my night right then and there :)

Tasty mai tai and really comfy decor. The music may not have been Mr. Denny, but it WASN'T techno! Vintage Joan Jett made it feel like a New York tiki bar with a rock edge, and considering the geography, that was appropriate! I loved getting to see Crazy Al's speaker covers, and the multiple Leeteg prints (posters of the velvets) filled a backroom wall. EX-cellent idea with the $5 deposit on your mug, which you can keep or return for the deposit. I finally got a headhunter, which I'd never gotten around to getting, and the price was certainly right!

Sorry I didn't get to meet any others of the NYCTC Posse, but perhaps my adooooooring public will demand, DAHlink, that I return (along with the 175 others onstage with me!!). And NEXT time up, I won't have to limit my drinking to one (the night before the show). Nor will I have to be home for checking in the kids for their 11:00 PM curfew!! That is NOT my usual New York experience!


Hey Formika!

So glad you enjoyed yourself in the Big Apple, and Carnegie Hall! So few would even dare to dream singing there. I remember you talked about that last year (somewhere in a Texas bar). How time flies!

Otto's is definitely the place to be for TC in NYC. And Steve is the coolest cat in the City (next to Manic, of course).

What a great experience. Very happy for you.

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