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The Mysteries of Easter Island

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Did anyone catch this show on TLC this past week? They did a pretty thorough job detailing the history of the island. And of course a lot of info on the Moai.

I saw this, very cool. I liked the whole thing about the evolution of the Moai statues, how they kept getting larger and more stylized as time went by. The whole thing about everyone on the island being taken for slavery and then when they were finally returned they were taken back with small pox wich spread across the island and killed everyone. Damnsucks how a whole people and their culture can be wiped out so quickly.


Have any of you actually made a pilgrimage to Easter Island??

I've read about hiking tours that you can participate in there; I haven't been but it's on my list...


i liked the theories how the moai were moved. floating them on boats.. building them near a volcano so they'd blow to the locations..

Hey, I caught that show! Just happened upon it while flipping through channels kinda late at night. Very interesting!

Kinda takes the "mysterious" wind outta my UFO theory though.

Uh...I'm kidding about the UFO thing. But seriously, I always wanted to visit after seeing the old "In Search Of..." program when I was a kid. And back then, it was all mystery and speculation and old stories and UFO theories.

Still a good show. Highly recommended to the likes of "this crowd".

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