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Thanks for the gathering Ben

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ManI really dug your shop, to me building a tiki bar is like a really cool thing I would like to do if I could find the time, to you it's just work and you crank them out. I've missed the last couple of events so it was good to see all the Tiki Centralites again.


Bamboo Ben's was indeed the bomb. We enjoyed the entertainment, the food, the talent and the people. Thanks Ben for the great time, Shelley and I enjoyed every minute of it. The entertainment was top notch, There was a Hula Troop, King Kukelele, The Thurston Howlies and of course Crazy Al. The vendors present included Holden (Smog Breather ) with Tiki Farm wares, Chiki Tiki and his wife with some excellent Tikis and mugs, Crazy Al with some cool Tikis and Marcus Pizzuti with big Moais. A great collection of very talented people

Mr Bamboo "Didn't you hear I cancelled the costume contest?" Ben


Oh look, a little girl and her puppy. Awwwwwwww!
She BELTED OUT "Pearly Shells" in the Hula Show

Holden (Smog Breather of Tiki Farm)

Johny Velour, Floratina, Atomic Cocktail, TikiBong and the delightful Lady Velour


Bong and Baxdog. Yourkungfuisprettygood.

This is a crappy shot, But,It's the only one I have of Suicide Sam and AquaRj. Fred brought the young lady behind Randy, She was Totally Hot.

My wife sings "Princess Pupuli" with the One and Only King Kukelele.

Crazy Al plays "Wipeout" on a chainsaw with the Thurston Howlies.

Miss Cherry Capri and the Thurston Howlies with the Waikiki Three.

Vintage Girl (Miss Trixie) moving like a rumour on a telefhone wire.

King Kukelele and Crazy Al ham it up.

Cary Stratton (135 LIVES!!!!)

Sweet Shelley

Missing in action, Sven Kristen have you seen this man?

Sven was there in spirit. This is for you Sven!.

Atomic Cocktail, Hukilau Brown, Al, Shelley, Truestar, Spongecookie, TikiBong, Crazy Al, SmogBreather, Lindsey, Dr Z, Wes, Baxdog, Kukinut, VintageGirl, Mr Troy, Cary Stratton, Miss Cherry Capri, Johny Velour, Lady Velour, Sugar Cane, Floratina, Bamboo Ben Bamboo Viki, (sorry these shots are so small)

Afterwards some of us went to Sam's Seafood

Hukilau Brown

Sven-Master of the Hula

Mahalo, Al and Shelley

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Oh my gosh!! It looks like you guys had a BLAST !! I hate that I missed it! How long until the next gathering?? Sept. 21? I will NOT make it that long.....

Wow, Al and Shelley! You sure got those photos up in a hurry. Unfortunately, this vintage girl is still stuck with that old process called film developing. But I'll have copies for you the next time I see you guys.

The Gathering was loads of fun (and food). Seeing those little tykes wiggle their hips to the hula was so cute. I think Miss Trixie could take a lesson or two from them! Bamboo Ben was a very cool and generous host. (Hope you get some sleep, Ben! Otherwise those tikis are gonna start talkin' to ya!) Great to see all the others there, (Crazy Al, Floratina, baxdog, Cherry & the Howlies,etc.)

And I hope Sven gets to check in once in a while between takes so he can see our little homage.

Sam's Seafood was quite the visual treat. "Hmmm...great place to put on a show!", thinks Miss Trixie.

(Al & Shelley, in case you're wondering, in the second big group shot you posted, the woman on the (right) end with the blue & white dress and black bob is my friend Cat (AKA Miss Kitty). We're old burlesque pals...she taught me how to use false eyelashes many years ago.)

you two (and everyone) look mah-velous! thankyou for including me in that group picture (fine time to turn my head but hey, i got plenty of hair in) and for you to even remember my screen name when i have only so recently (as in finally gotten off my ass and) joined the ohana here (tho i have been in the tiki underground for soooooo long). mucho mahalo to everyone who made it such a delicious day...and that was even before the food got there! and thanks again to everyone who bought Crazy Al's illustrious and illuminating tiki candle glasses and my bone necklaces (well they're not MY bone...but somebody's....mooooooo :wink:



Yes, it was loads of fun! Great job Ben! All the vendors were friendly and a special thanks to King Kukulele who is always ready to involve the kids at the events he plays at. My little Olivia HAD to have her picture taken with him, and, of course, he happily obliged!

I have just one thing to say, "mucho mahola for a great time all round."

ok I have more than that...
First of all thanks for everyone putting up with our crazy sound system that was designed for 4 mikes (we had 7), Hukilau 'Mateo' Brown and Atomic Cocktail for rescuing us many a time on that one... Crazy Al for that one of a kind solo on his "ax", King Kuke - I really do hope that someday I can be your pineapple queen :) , Mr and MRS. Ben for making it all happen, The Howlies and the Waikiki 3 of course, and Sven who made it all possible in the first place, Baxdog's sweet little girl who taught me to hula a turtle, and I would like to thank the academy... oh I'm sorry I was getting confused... and last of all I think that Al and Shelly should at least win the honorary title of costume contest winners!!!

"What a swell party this is"

Cherry, I can't wait to hear your sweet sounds with a better sound system.
What great entertainment, the Howlies sounded so good, and the Waikiki 3, now that was fun!
Vintage Girl's hips should be registered with the F B I.
The Kuke-Miester is so great with the kids, and just great all around. The Tiki's were a great addition. I think Denny should have sing along handouts so we don't sound like a bad cell connection.
And can anybody think of anything cuter than that hula troop.
Ben and Mrs. BOO we love you
You are the best hosts. Thank you Thank you

Alohas & Mahalos to All!!!,

Where do I start?
o.k, no, wait....
o.k. A mucho mahalo to my incredible wife, Mrs. Bamboo! She's the one behind the scenes that made it all happen ( Putting up with my long hours away, holding down the hut, taking care of the menihunies, planning the party,cooking the ham,running the store, it goes on !!)! I love you Vic and thanks for making this happen!
Next year, it'll be "Mrs. Bamboo's Gathering of the Tribes-Part2" @ Bamboo Ben." Second, to my crazy boys for being well, crazy! King Ku Ku & his "jaws car!" and the friki tiki's(all the kids were in awe), Cherry Capri and the Thurston Howlies, What a show!!!and for putting up with the bamboo dust in the shop!(I'm still studdering/camera shy!!) The Tekurio Nui Polynesian Dane Troupe, they drummed,danced, cooled us down with shave ice and lei'd us too! C'Al the chain saw masacure master! Holden/Tiki Farm. DUDE, slow down! ChikiTiki,no, You get to work! Marcus Pizutti, the Gods were in the house! L&L,just in the nick of time! FloraTina for bringing Sven and being the first one there! BaxDog, the hut's (overcast causes more sunburn)!He was there before I was there! We shared great injury stories!! Al&Shelly & TikiBong, How am I going to cut a tiki bar into 3rds? I just figured it out! You's won hands down! I will produce! Corky Carroll for the press! Beach Collision for thier parking lot and being cool and joining in! "Roy-F!ck" across the way for mid time munchies. The tiolet in the store for not breaking until it was over!! And, to every tribes person that came (and the always forgot ones too!)to make this fun for everyone! Hey, Polynesian Pop was having a baby girl during all of this!! How cool is that!!? Next year Mrs. Boo and I are going to hire a crew so we can enjoy with you's. It was a blur and my joints are sore! Mucho Mahalos!!!
the Bamboo Ben Tribe!
p.s, always Al&Shelly's great pics!!
p.s.s. who's up for next year?

Haaaaaaa! Who the/what the..??! You wild and crazy guys'n'gals! I am sooo thrilled. What a surprise! I can't believe it....
You guys are the greatest...you are...you are ...MY FAMILY!...>SNIFF

Ben, gotta do this event next year. Was wonderful to see all the gang, Holden, Crazy AL, AL&Shelly, Baxdog, etc. Loved the entertainment but was unable to see King "K" due to a compromise with my Fiance'. I do TIKI in the early afternoon and the rest of the day would be dedicated to completing our wedding registry at "Crate and Barrel". Ben.....thinking about setting up a wedding registry for your engaged tiki friends?? -T

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Sven - that "Hula-master" mural picture from Seafood Sam's isn't a Photoshop job. Maybe it's still there...


It sounds like this was one screamer of an event! Unfortunately, Tiki Bob was on the East Coast, far removed from the activities. (and that sucked big tiki time)

I really enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading the comments.

Maybe I can schedue a safari for this event next year.

Balmy regards,

Tiki Bob

I just wanted to say that I too had a great time at Ben's party this past Sunday. I was particularly impressed with:

Crazy Al for having the presence of mind to keep dancing even while trying to restart his chainsaw (I always forget to do that!)

Vintage Girl for finally finding a valuable use for those bead necklaces they throw around at Mardi Gras

Al and Shelley for coming in the colorful native costume of their small island.

Miss Cherry Capri for her rendition of Annette's "Pineapple Princess". Those tears of happiness in my eyes had nothing to do with the Carls Jr Onion-Bacon Burger I was eating at the time.

Bamboo Ben for keeping the alcohol away from the children. I checked every one of his thirty-odd bars for secret compartments and couldn't find a drop, so good job, Ben and thanks for hosting a great shindig.

Thanks also to the menehunes, mickeyrooneys, chupacabras and all the other tiny Hawaiian spirits that blessed the event with good luck.

A big WELCOME to you Sabu
The Carson coconut connection (boy)
Are you in the group pic?
Man, that day was a blast.
Rumor has it that C'al never stops dancing, unlike his chainsaw. sorry
And the tears while eating carls were because it wasn't L & L
You should have waited it was the best.
I think I saw a Chupacabra drinking a Mojito at Trader Vics with Menehunes served by Micky Roonies while listening to TIKI tunies
with George Cloony's.
Oh I'm sorry that was goonie.
And while we are on the subject lets talk about our hosts The Bamboonies.
Well, you know how we all love Ben, but Ben like most great men have to have a great women behind him to make it all work.
Vick, The Queen of Bamboo village, Quietly behind the scenes makes it all happen.
The unsung hero. The true BAM in the boo.
Let's all put our hands together for
How come your kids are so shy?
You know if you look real close you can see her hand inside Ben making his mouth move:D
I'm trying to sound like Ben rambling a bit.
Anyway Thanks Vicky and Ben what a great day!
Welcome aboard Sabu,
Time for more coffee.

Hey, Polynesian Pop was having a baby girl during all of this!! How cool is that!!?

Thanks for the kind words! Yes, I unfortunately had to miss yet another Tiki Central event because my wife went into labor early Saturday morning (1:22 am). We were in the hospital enjoying our new baby girl. I'm glad to see/read that everyone had a great time. I'll definitely have to catch up with you all at the Big 'Ol Tiki Farm Bash in September.

For those interested, here is a link to the story of my new girl:


BTW - That's me in the middle picture.

*** * * The Polynesian Popster * * ***

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When co-workers ask why I'm into tiki, I say that I've joined a cult. After seeing the photo of everyone with Sven Heads, I don't think I'm joking anymore.


To chime in late, I wanna say thanks to Bamboo Ben too. Unfortunately we couldn't stay long, but we got to see a little bit of almost everything, including many of the TC folks, and Holden, and King Kuk, and Cherry & TTH. Great afternoon! Ben, sorry about taking pics in your store - it completely slipped my mind to ask permission before Mrs. Ben told me it was taboo.

junior teetotalers

Kuk with band and C'Al

Cherry Capri and the Thurston Howlies (Haoles?)


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