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Cyclists w/ Tiki Jerseys

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my friend belongs to a mountain biking clubin san diego, called Tiki Riders. they have the designed coolest logo, but havent ordered jerseys or shirts yet. i asked if i could cross post to TC, in case someone here wanted a shirt, they could order more to reduce thier costs.. (i'm hoping they make T's too, since spandex aint for everyone!!)

(scroll down, click on images

the guy "in charge" is [email protected]

I'd be interested in a jersey and t-shirt, depending on price of course. We could wear them for the Ensenada Rosarito ride if it's still on. I was gonna build a tiki B.O.B trailer to pull behind my 2002 cannondale F-800. Picked it up from Tinker and mom last year.The nicest people ever!

I wonder if they have 2XL tank tops I will buy several.
Nice art!!!

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