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Port Aventura, Barcelona, Spain (other)

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Name:Port Aventura
Street:Exit 35 on the A7 Highway
Phone:34 902 20 22 20

Port Aventura is a vast Disney-like amusement park, run by Universal just an hour out of Barcelona. It has an entire section of the park designated as 'Polynesia - the South Seas Paradise'. There are rides, shows, places to eat, and Tiki gardens just to walk around.

Features include:
Kon-Tiki Wave - one of those classic boat rides that have a progressive pendular motion, reaching 180 degrees each way but in a mock-up of the Kon-Tiki
Loco Loco Tiki - A mad ride galloping around the park to the sound of tropical drums
Tami-Tami - a Tiki rollercoaster
TuTuki Splash - A waterslide down a volcano meeting natives celebrating Pele at the bottom
Aloha Tahiti - Spectacular dance show in front of giant Tikis

Bars and restaurants include the Bambu, the Bora Bora, the Captain's Refuge, King Komehamba, and the Tropical.

Finally there's the Makamanu Gardens, a Tiki paradise filled with exotic birds, plants, and Tiki statues.

More at their website:

Trader Woody

Some photos scraped off the web:

Trader Woody

From Tongaroa's post:

Well - after Trader Woody's comment in the Tiki Coaster thread - I started searching.... Here are some pix of Port Aventura in Spain...
I remember seeing some sketches of this the last time I freelanced for Universal - but I always assumed that it would be populated with smaller versions of the exisiting Uni Studios attractions in California & Florida.... It looks to me like the only character they have in the park is Woody Woodpecker for some reason....
Anyway - they have an entire themed "land" - Polynesia. Tacky theme park fans rejoice!

"Polynesia" is supposed to be an area that Captain Cook has discovered - and the year is 1779...

The photos really remind me of Lion Country Safari's visitor area... But themed in a better way...

Tutuki Splash - Journey on a boat through Tiki caves & into an active volcano....

Sea Odyssey - a submarine simulator attraction (no tikis)

Canoes - small childrens boat ride.

Kon-Tiki Wave - "you will feel like a pirate in the great heat of a tropical storm..."

Loco-Loco Tiki - typical "Fun Bus" ride with tropical decor...

Tami-Tami - children's coaster...

Makamanu Garden - enclosed bird sanctuary...

Aloha Tahiti - Polynesian revue on the beach...

Bora Bora - restaurant with floor show...

Mers Du Sud - polynesian gift shop...

To see more pix - check out the website I grabbed these from:

"Oh mystic powers - hear my call...
From my limbs, let new life fall..."


Holy Cow!

tangaroa, you are a theme park guru!!!!

Great pictures!!!!

Now I have a reason to visit back home again!

I can't believe I never knew about this place!
I guess I was too busy sweating my balls of in the frying pan that is Sevilla, drinking tinto and eating really stinky cheese!!!


Thanks Tiki Mick.
If you are into theme parks, you might enjoy some of my artwork on my website - http://www.christophermerritt.com
None of it is old park design, and there are lotsa dead links right now - but the history section, which deals with old parks should be up next week sometime.

And of course, check out the new "E" Ticket website: http://www.the-e-ticket.com

But thanks for the kudos!

"Oh mystic powers - hear my call...
From my limbs, let new life fall..."

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Your welcome Bro! You da man!


Damn, I wanted to go back to Barcelona that i allready love...then i have some more reasons.
I'll be there this summer, that's for sure.

Zeta posted on Sat, Jan 23, 2010 4:33 AM


En Mers du Sud podrás comprar artículos autóctonos hechos por los indígenas de Polynesia, como collares, piezas de madera, ropa, esculturas, etc. In Mers du Sud you can purchase items made by indigenous native of Polynesia, as necklaces, woodwork, clothing, sculptures, etc.. El interior de la tienda, así como el cartel de la entrada, está inspirado con las pinturas de Gauguin. The interior of the store and the lineup of entry, is inspired by the paintings of Gauguin.

Article on Port Adventura with photos of Polynesia Land

MiceChat: Port Adventura Spain

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