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so what would the ideal tiki book library consist of? (the drinks/ cocktails are my main objective here!-)




  1. "The Grog Log", Beachbum Berry
  2. "Intoxica", Beachbum Berry

  3. "Bartender's Guide", Trader Vic
  4. "Hawai'i Tropical Rum Drinks and Cuisine", Don the Beachcomber? (Credited posthumously) Arnold Bittner, Phoebe Beach
  5. "Caribbean Cocktails and Mixed Drinks", Mike Henry
  6. "The Book of Cocktails", Jenny Ridgewell


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Well, that is a nice topic for discussion.

My votes:

Trader Vic's Bartender guide. Two versions ('48, '72).

Beachbum Berry's classic contribution: Grog Log.

There are many other cocktail books ot there. I also have a "Hawaiian Cocktails" and a Mr. B's book from my days as a semi-pro barkeep in college.

Then there's that classic remainder 'Book of Tiki"...may want to check your library. :)

Just kidding Bigbro! Uh oh, I better go buy another copy...


Is there another way to buy the Beachbum Berry books other than Amazon.com?


Everyone covered the bases very well.

Other favorites in my collection that aren't mainly tropical drinks but include some:

The Kitchen Kibitzer by Trader Vic (1952)

The Pacific Island Cookbook by Trader Vic (1968). Easy to find.

Esquire's Drink Book (1950s)

Esquire's Handbook for Hosts (1949 - reprinted and available again)

The Playboy Host and Bar Book by Thomas Mario (1971). Packed with info and great recipes and easy to find.


Beachbum Berry's books are available at Bosko's web site:

Yay! Thanks!

Some excellent choices above! For someone with a tiny budget and a need to mix the basics, the little 'Tropical Cocktails' by Barry Shelby through Abbeville Press is surprisingly good. One to give your friends for their Xmas stockings in the hope that they will make something drinkable next time you visit.

'The Classic 1000 Cocktails' - Robert Cross
Does what it says on the packet.

'Night of the Tiki' is a superb way of checking out the three stages of Tiki - Primitive Oceanic/The glory years/present day stuff. Full marks for that one.

Taboo-The Art of Tiki is an excellent intro to the artistic side of Tiki, though some plates look a little dated already.

Lot's of Shag books out there....go for the true art ones like 'Bottomless Cocktail'.
Avoid 'Tiki Drinks' as it's shite!

The list of Easter Island/Pacific/Oceanic stuff is enormous....and I'm not sure if people here really want an elaboration....

Oh, Michener, Heyerdahl, et al.

Trader Woody

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If you're NOT talking food and drink, there are a several good ones. I have the old "Kon Tiki", as well as Frank Buck's "Bring 'Em Back Alive", both from my Grandma's attic.
(Anyone remember that old Indiana Jones knockoff series in the 80's?).
I agree with the Shag books - except the Tiki Drinks comment - my wife got that for me and I like it...if for nothing else than it's effort! (And hers!)
Goes without saying the "BOT" as we all seem to have that! Simply awesome.
Personally, I have a slew of Hawaiian / Polynesian and Tropical cookbooks. Get them religiously on holidays and birthdays and such from people. I try to use them, but rarely get time.
Bottoms up!

Zeta posted on Tue, Feb 3, 2009 9:24 PM

Trader Vic's Pacific Island Cookbook (1968)

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