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getting hitched in Kauai

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Hi Folks,
I'm new to the list although i've been collecting Tiki mugs etc for a good few years.
Anyhoo what i was wondering was if anybody can give me a heads-up on any Tiki Bars/restaurant's on the East Coast of Kauai.I'm getting Married there in October and i need a place for mucho cocktail quaffing after the ceremony.Any idea's would be great also .We're visiting Kauai, Maui & Oahu so if anybody's got any sugestions about what Tiki sight's there are to see i'd be really greatful.
Thanks in advance .It's great to be on board.
Cheers Neil


Congratulations on you impending nuptials! I posted a request for "Tiki-ness on Kauai" (search for that) a while ago and the short of it is there isn't any. I go there every year and the tiki-est place I can recall is Duke's at the Marriott. But it's just atmosphere, not good for drinks or music and the TVs suck. Stay away from Princeville - the anti-tiki zone. There was a suggestion of a bar in Hanalei called Tahiti Nui that's rumored to be Tiki.

Look for the thread in this same category called "Hawaii Vacation Tips". It has a lot of stuff about Oahu and Maui and Big Island.

Have fun! It's just 23 days til I'M there!

Thanks Tiki-bot,
I appreciate the reply.With your post and the 'Hawaii Vacation tip's' i should be well away.Have fun on your trip.If you find any good Tiki stuff don't buy it...leave it for me Ha,Ha,Ha.


To the Neilster:
Don't think there's any Tiki's on Kauai since Hurricane Iniki closed down the Coco Palms Resort. You might like the luau at the Wailua River (Smith's Boats).
There's losts of Tikis to be seen at the Ahu'Ena heiau at Kailua Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. It's King Kamehameha's last stamping ground. Ludicruously surrounded by a fake luau three times a week and you could retire to the bar in the King Kamehameha hotel just meters from the site. If you want to get up close to the tiki's just rent one of the battery powered boats and you could approach closely. Many other tiki's to be found at the Place of Refuge slightly south of Kona but as it's a genuine cultural Hawaiian site no Tiki lounges to be found.

Happy visit!

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