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Chicago tiki article

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Go here for some info on Chicago tiki:


If the article isn't there, do a search on the site for "tiki." Never heard of a couple of these places!

KenTiki- Thanks for the link!
I had a rather bad experience in Chicago late one night in '83 - rather someone in the mens room at the bus station did.
Having about 4 cops push your tired ass out of the way to get to a dead body in a mens room stall kinda freaks you out.
I've never had a desire to return there.
Until now. I mean, hey - could've been worse, it could have been me, right?
I'll just stay away from the bus terminal.


Wow- the day before I fly to Chicago!

Of course this probably mean that all the places will be "momentarily trendy" now, so I'll have to fight the crowds.

Thanks for the heads up on this- Todd's was the only place I hadn't planned on hitting.


Hotsie Totsie Club:
I have been looking for Tiki in the Chicago area for 10 years, drinking in a wide and varied array of establsihemnts on non-tiki nights (there have been a few), and I have never even heard of this place.

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