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Q: WHEN next Palm Springs Tiki Oasis date ??

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Hi evybody, Bigbro in Hamburg here. Otto and me are trying to decide on the 2003 Tiki Oasis date, me voting for Mother's Day weekend (don't have a calender, it's in MAY), but Otto saying that 2 or 3 LA people already told him they won't be able to make it then.

The next available date would be end of June, which would make it so HOT again, so MY vote is to say Sorry, Mom, and do it in May.

BUT: Who of you guys could definitely not make it because of MOM then? I need to get an idea if that makes it prohibitive, or if it is a minor concern...

May would be wonderful. My wife and I were disappointed to not make it this year, and are very much looking forward to next year's event.

We will cancel any previous plans to be there no matter what weekend!

I guess Mom will understand. At least I'll get to enjoy the main Indy 500 qualifying weekend this time. Mother's Day always interrupts that flow of events!

Early May is great for me... and May 12 is Mig's birthday. :)

Yikes! That only gives me 9 months to build the TIKI CENTRAL-TIKI BAR & INFO CENTER!

p.s. If it is going to happen in the Hi season(200$+ a night!), how about Memorial Day Weekend? Just a thought. (another b-day)

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Mom's day is good for us!

I think Memorial Day weekend would work better for me. Sorry, but I can't say "see ya" to Mom. My wife's a Mom too! Mom's day weekend is her weekend as Dad's day weekend is my weekend.


I am concerend as well about the high season rates. Is May during the shoulder season?

The heat was bad, but it did mean that Palm Springs was quieter.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter all that much to me: I'll go again no matter what. My mother drives me crazy anyway.


Sorry, but neither Atomic Cocktail nor I would be able to make it on Mother's Day weekend because: 1) It is a rather significant holiday in our families. 2) We would not be able to afford the high-season rates since our living expenses are increasing in the next year,

Granted, the heat is rough at a later date, but that just makes it easier for me to wear less. :wink:

Hey BigBro....Any date you and Otto come up with will be fine for us. Just let me know if I can help out with anything since I visit the "Springs" alot.
TheTikiGuy (Angelo and Alison)

I missed the oasis this year so I'l make it out anytime you guys plan it for next year. My B-Day is also in May on the 16th so it would just give me more reason to keep myself good and drunk through out the month.

I like the desert heat element - it's part of the Palm Springs experience.

My wife (Coco Jo) has just given me permission to go. Back me up on this fellas...It's in writing.....kinda...

Trader Woody

Trader Woody,

I will write you a note and sign it 'Ebstein's Mother' (an old 'Welcome Back Kotter' line)

Woody - are you serious? It would be amazing to have you there. I hope you will really try to get to Palm Springs. Brilliant!

Whenever is good for me...I just have to make sure I get enough notice to get a room...I don't want to miss out this time...


We're down for the crime. Anytime.

Mothers day kinda bad, I like the heat and the cheaper room rate in the off season.
I don't think we can let Chiki drive.
I heard he drives like a pinball game.
(8-24-02 Belmont Shores) I'm sorry, I hope all is well with that little unplanned trauma?

Well, it looks like we will be aiming for Mother's Day, then....Memorial Day weekend is not an option, Mother's Day is the only slow weekend for the Tropics at that time. But Otto still should be able to negotiate a good room rate so that again we can take the place over.
(This is not an announcement that it WILL be Mom's day)

Yo Bax, and you thought you had no brakes. I was ghost riding it , thank god it wasn't my fault. Thanks, I'm ok.


Well, you know what they say, "if it's not one thing, it's your mother...!"

(hoping against hope to go with a baby on the way)

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