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Polynesian Village Resort, 16 miles North of Parker, AZ (other)

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Name:Polynesian Village Resort
Street:Arizona-shore of the Colorado River
City:16 miles North of Parker

Recently bought this old pamphlet from the Polynesian Village on the Colorado River in Arizona. Does anyone live near enough to investigate the site? Looks like they had some Guanko-carved tikis:

More carved barstools in the Tiki Bar

Solitary tiki gazes at the moon.



Is there any chance you still have these images? I'm looking for any info/photos on the old Polynesian Village in Parker, AZ. \


Sure would be nice to see Sabu's photos again!

I found an ad online from the Polynesian Village.

A great looking logo with Guanko Tikis used for the L s. You can see the repeating A-Frame cabanas and the A-Frame bar building.

The Tiki bar served .... beer!

The rest of the ad.

The Parker area was one big boat party zone in the 60's and 70's


I visit Parker AZ regularly. The location where the Polynesian Village once stood is now a neighborhood called Polynesian Shores.

I decided to explore the site of the old Polynesian Village recently while in AZ.
There was an old tiki decaying in front of a residence but nobody was home, not sure if it came from the bar...
Next time I'm out there I plan to snoop around more and talk to some locals who might remember it.

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