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Tikified Wedding!

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Kim posted on Fri, Apr 16, 2004 5:40 PM

Tikitronic has been after me to post something a little more detailed on TC about our wedding last Saturday (he posted photos of the terrific centerpieces and sign he made in Creating Tiki).

When we started planning the wedding several months ago, Tikitronic & I settled on a lounge/exotica theme, which would be featured in the music, food, and decorations. Tikitronic staked his claim on centerpieces and music early on, and created a 4-hour-plus sequence of music that ranged from Martin Denny to Frank Sinatra to Elvis. He also hand-carved 6 small Enchanted Tiki Room-esque boats to use as centerpieces, and made a big “Welcome to the Wedding” sign for outside the event space. I contributed to the theme primarily by acting as the official Tikitronic Cheerleader (“Go Honey! You Can Make It! It Looks Great!”). However, I also managed to get Tiki Farm to give us a stellar deal on custom tiki mugs that we distributed as favors. Holden, bless him, let us do a custom order split between the NW Tiki Crawl and our wedding, so we were able to give out these snazzy mugs instead of golf tees or bells or something. Not that I’m saying anything against golf tees, but the tikis were really much more appropriate for us.

A detail of the back-- we may each get a mask tattoo on our next anniversary!

The invitiation, so you can see the way the logo was tied in elsewhere.

The processional was Les Baxter’s 'Harem Silks from Bombay', and the recessional was Elvis’s ‘Hawaiian Wedding Song’ (you can hear it here, just listen and ignore the web page!). I know the reception playlist had a ton of other exotica and lounge—Rosemary Clooney and Perez Prado’s ‘I Only Have Eyes For You’ was in there I know, and Frank Sinatra’s ‘Old Devil Moon’—and some stuff that wasn’t really either (like Harry Belafonte’s ‘Will His Love Be Like His Rum?’).

The (all vegetarian) hors d’ oeuvres included different (sorta) ethnic food:
Vegetable samosas with chutney (Indian)
Stuffed mushrooms (this one I dunno—Pacific Northwest?)
Spanokopeta (Greek)
PICA rolls (black beans and rice and cheese, deep-fried in a spring roll wrapper) with cilantro salsa (sort of Mexican)
Salad rolls with peanut sauce (Asian)

It was truly great food, and very finger-friendly. I think the PICA rolls were the general favorite, but everything was wonderful.

The cake (no formal cake-cutting!) had:
One layer of cassata (Mexian wedding cake) with chocolate-Kahlua filling
One layer of chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling
One layer of spice cake with cinnamon cream cheese filling

It was a Papa Hyden’s cake—which will only mean something to you if you’re in the Portland area—and was exceedingly good. We used classic film toys of Frankenstein’s Monster and The Bride as a cake topper, and The Bride held a bouquet of black fabric roses (not tiki, I know, but still…).

I know I have a truly great photo of TikiMaxton and Maori Man at the reception, too, which I'll add as soon as I get home!

Kim posted on Fri, Apr 16, 2004 8:36 PM

TikiMaxton & Maori Man enjoying thier cake!

Sounds like a very unique and fun wedding.

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