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In Search Of the best Polynesian expierience to be had in Southern California. If you only had 1 place to go where would it be?

we just went to Sam's Seafood (Huntington Beach/Sunset Beach?) on PCH for the first time last weekend thanks to AlnShelly. I think that seeing a Polynesian show there would do the trick.


Shelter Island in San diego. It is a whole Tiki District. Mort's Liquor, Humphries Half Moon Inn, The Bali Hai and a few others are all on the same street. Then I would go to one of the luaus they throw at the Hanalei Hotel, and have a drink at the Islands Room.
The Hotel is very close to Shelter Island.

Al left out one important stop when visiting the San Diego area - The Lagoon Room!


If you want the whole experience, I would go to Trader Vic's Beverly Hills. The drinks are great and the atmosphere is classy polynesian. There are quite a few tikis, mostly in the bar area. The Tiki Ti has great drinks and the Bahooka is a lot of fun but neither is quite the experience that Trader Vic's is. However, if you are visiting from another town that has a Trader Vic's than you might want to check out the Bahooka.


Where's the Lagoon Room?

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